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Top Reasons to Hire an Expert PCB Designer

This article is all about PCB Design Services. Why do you need this service? Maybe you are part of a large company and are understaffed and overloaded. Perhaps you are a hobbyist and need a PCB to replace an old one. Maybe you want to learn more about electronics and need a kit to assemble. Maybe you have an idea for a new invention, and you need to see if it is possible to make. PCB design services can help you do all of these things and more.

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PCB Design Services

911EDA provides PCB design services to businesses for single and double-sided boards, with or without surface mount technology (SMT). 911EDA has been serving the electronic product development community since 2000. All work is ITAR compliant, and performed by experts with US birth certificates located in the United States. We do not send any work offshore.

We are your support team to help you meet your demanding schedules and technical requirements if you:

  1. Need PCB design services using a schematic you generated
  2. Have an existing design that needs to be updated or optimized for fabrication and assembly cost
  3. Need a new PCB design from concept to prototype manufacturing

Our Capabilities Encompass the Full Design Flow from Start to Finish, Including:

Electronic Engineering

  • FPGA Design
  • Embedded Hardware Development
  • Embedded Software Design & Development Services
  • SI Analysis and simulations
  • PCB Architecture

PCB Design Services

  • PCB Layout
  • Single-Sided
  • Double-Sided
  • Multiple Layer Boards
  • Rigid and Flexible Circuit Board Technologies
  • Mixed Components – Through-hole and Surface Mount
  • Micro BGA / Micro Via / Blind and Buried Vias
  • Rules Driven Designs
  • Signal Integrity/Design Verification
  • Creating RoHS Compliant Designs for New Layouts
  • Converting Existing Assemblies for RoHS Compliance

PCB Fabrication

PCB Assembly

Areas of Expertise

If you’re looking for a PCB design services company, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide range of PCB design services, from simple one-layer designs to very complex multi-layer designs in various technologies. We also provide various other services, such as electronic engineering, PCB consulting, PCB manufacturing, and assembly. We offer the excellence of service we provide through good communication, expert designers, and a fluid process.

We view PCB layout as an integral link between electronic engineering and prototype manufacturing to ensure your circuit board meets all your requirements with the highest quality design and service. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of technologies, including high-speed designs, RF, power supplies, digital and analog, DDR3 and DDR4 memory, and EMI and thermal analysis design practices. We also offer high-level schematic capture and PCB library setup and management.

We understand that PCB design is critical in the electronic product development process. A high-quality PCB layout can differ between one iteration and multiple respins. Multiple iterations are both costly and time-consuming. By designing a board to our strict quality standards, we can reduce or eliminate the need for a second iteration, reducing your overall project time and cost.

Our design process begins with a schematic diagram, a two-dimensional drawing of the components that make up the board, and how they are all connected. Then we turn the schematic into a three-dimensional graphic rendering of the location of each component, the traces running between the components, vias, and silkscreen. We then test the PCB for electrical continuity and correctness. We can then provide you with a prototype or production runs.

We always follow a strict course of workflow. We first start by building any necessary component footprints. Then we work on critical placement, such as connector locations, which are reviewed by the customer and locked down. Then we move on to component placement. Depending on the complexity of the board, we may send multiple iterations for customer review. Once the placement is complete and approved by the customer, we can proceed to routing. Again, critical routing, such as diff pairs or high-speed lines and routed first and approved by the customer. Then the remainder of the routing is completed. Finally, we finish off with silkscreen and a final review. Once approved, we generate a deliverables package that has zip folders for fabrication and assembly and the source files.

We have a team of very experienced PCB designers who can create a design that meets your specific requirements. We can support Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro PCB Designer, PADs, and OrCAD. We use the latest design software and equipment, so we can create a design that is both accurate and reliable.

PCB design is creating a schematic diagram of an electronic circuit and transforming it into a design for a printed circuit board. The layout process begins with the schematic diagram, a graphical representation of the electrical connections and components of an electronic circuit. The schematic is then used as the basis for creating a PCB layout, a two-dimensional drawing that shows the location of each component on the printed circuit board and the connections between them. Then we provide the complete electronics document package to build the customized PCB.

Several software programs can create PCB layouts, such as Altium, Allegro, PADs, and OrCAD. These programs allow the designer to create a layout specific to the type of PCB that is being manufactured. If you are looking for a PCB design service, we can help. We have a team of experienced engineers who can help you design your PCB. We can also help you choose the right components and layout your board. For more simple designs, there are five free PCB design tools available. But for more complex designs, we recommend using one of the tools listed above. Learn more about the five free PCB design tools.

You can trust our engineers to create a high-quality PCB that meets all your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

911EDA offers PCB design services that will take your circuit from concept to reality. Our engineers are experts in all aspects of PCB design, from routing to impedance matching. We have a team of experienced engineers who can take your schematic and turn it into a professional, manufacturable PCB. We can also help you with component selection and thermal analysis.

We do NOT use any autorouters. In our experience, we have not found an autorouter that can design a board, and an expert PCB designer can. Especially as technologies become more and more complex. The challenge for an autorouter comes in several parts:

  • To get the best results from an autorouter, you need to be very explicit and exhaustive in setting up the board’s Design Rules: creating component classes, net classes, and multi-channel assignments where relevant and assigning rules to them, such as track width and track spacing (which in turn can be governed by specific regulations that apply in the application/industry your board has to be compliant with), considering cross-talk, and using any impedance-control & track-length rules for high-speed or differential-pair signals where ever appropriate. This takes a lot of time – sometimes in complicated boards, as much time as manually routing it yourself. Ergo, no benefit to using the autorouter.
  • That’s all after you’ve placed at least the key components that typically have necessarily fixed positions, like connectors, displays/LEDs, respecting the different maximum heights of components at various places across the PCB concerning whatever the PCB lives inside of (some parts of the PCB might only have Xmm height clearance because part of the PCB area sits beside some other non-PCB component inside the case of the product, for example).
  • In the late ’90s, Protel (before the company was renamed Altium), their neural-net-based ‘shape-based autorouter,’ could move and rotate components around and push-n-shove whole sections of routing unblock and make way for new routes. It was a grand vision, sometimes producing impressive results under ideal circumstances, but it never entirely ‘made it’ for most real-world designs.
  • If you don’t capture ALL of the Design Rules, even though many of those rules are what an experienced PCB designer does ‘automatically ‘without needing to enter them into the PCB design, the chances of the autorouter doing something you don’t want goes up exponentially; “that switch-mode buck voltage regulator needs loop-area of the power-switch, catch-diode, and filter cap to be kept tight (otherwise performance could be shit, or not even work at all, and radiate like a sun and it will fail EMC testing)” – AFAIK the Altium autorouter has no concept of minimizing loop-area of a specific circuit path.

Should I use the autorouter?

PCB Fabrication

PCB design services for a green bare PCB board

Once your PCB is designed, it needs to be fabricated. 911EDA offers high-quality PCB fabrication services that will meet your needs and budget. We use the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality PCBs that meet your specific requirements.

PCB Assembly

911EDA also offers PCB assembly services. We have a team of experienced assemblers that can assemble your PCBs quickly and efficiently. We use the latest equipment and assembly techniques to ensure that your PCBs are properly assembled and meet your specific requirements.

Design for Manufacturability

PCB layout is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a thorough understanding of electronic circuit design and PCB manufacturing processes. It is essential to ensure that the layout is accurate and that the components are correctly placed on the board to be correctly aligned when the board is manufactured. The layout must also consider the limitations of the PCB manufacturing process, such as the size, shape, and spacing of the components. Our PCB designers have trained with manufacturing professionals to learn and understand the fabrication and assembly processes. We know where the pitfalls are, such as acid traps and pad-to-pad distances, and design our boards to allow the manufacturer to produce the highest yield at the best cost. It is relatively simple to design a board, but to do so in a manner that results in cost and time-to-market reduction is a valuable skill. P

At 911EDA, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality PCB design services. We have a team of experienced engineers dedicated to creating PCBs that meet your needs. We also offer competitive prices and fast turnaround times.

If you need a custom PCB design, contact us today. We would be happy to help you get started.

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What is PCB design?

Top Reasons to Hire an Expert PCB Designer
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Top Reasons to Hire an Expert PCB Designer
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