PCB Manufacturing

Following PCB design, 911EDA can also provide complete PCB manufacturing services.

Our services include:

- PCB Fabrication

- PCB Assembly

- Part Procurement

- Quality Control Program

- X-Ray and Automated Inspection

- SMT Manufacturing and Mixed Technology

- Quick Turn Builds

PCB Fabrication

911EDA supports customers with PCB manufacturing of time-critical printed circuit boards.

From single-sided to multiple-layers, a quick turn to standard lead time, prototypes to short lead-time production orders, 911EDA stands ready to take on the challenges of the rapidly growing and constantly changing electronics industry.

Having tight controls on all aspects of the manufacturing process assures that you are shipped what you expect.

Utilizing our CAM stations to do design rule checks, Automated Optical Inspection to check inner layers, and electrical testing to verify the finished product are just steps we take to ensure the best quality product possible. Prototypes through production, 12 hours to 3 weeks, we have the technology and desire to support your needs.

PCB Assembly

911EDA's operational capabilities include the latest SMT manufacturing, X-ray, and Automated Inspection equipment. Software utilized at 911EDA includes CAD/CAM data translation, ERP, and the CUBE Suite of Online Status software packages.

Our testing capabilities include functional and In-Circuit solutions custom designed for your PCB assemblies.

PCB Manufacturing Process

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is an essential aspect of PCB design that is critical to incorporate. DFM includes designing parts, components, and routing for ease of manufacturing to make a better product at a lower cost with a higher yield.

The manufacturing process chosen must be the correct one for the part or product. To determine which manufacturing process is appropriate, it is crucial to assess the number of parts being installed, the material being used, the complexity of the surfaces, the tolerances required, and whether secondary processes are needed.

Please read our article about PCB Design for Manufacturability.