Allegro PCB Design Services

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Allegro PCB Designer by Cadence is a powerful tool requiring designers with significant experience and expertise to properly utilize it to its fullest capabilities in the design process.  Our team of dedicated Allegro PCB designers has the skills and expertise to use all of the advanced capabilities of the tool.

  • Analysis-driven design -Quickly analyze any stage of your design process and identify and resolve any SI or PI issues.
  • Routing & Layout -Routing algorithms make tackling complex or straightforward routes easy.
  • Collaboration - Share your design ideas with multiple designers to make projects go faster.
  • Manufacturability - Use real-time manufacturing controls to speed up and reduce your production times.

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PCB Routing and Placement

Expert Allegro PCB design services become more critical as technology becomes increasingly complex and has more significant constraints and net density. Allegro is an excellent software tool that allows users to design and analyze optimized boards quickly.

Cadence Allegro PCB Design software offers advanced routing technologies and an intuitive, wide-ranging interface. Software is easily scalable. Companies can purchase the basic software to create simple designs and the more advanced tools for complex projects. Allegro is a constraint-driven tool that allows the designer or engineer to input rules and receives real-time checks for rule violations. Manual and auto interactive routing are efficient ways to route high-speed, constrained designs at high speeds.

Auto-Interactive Routing

Allegro auto-interactive routing lets the designer manually route and use the automated process to create topologies, critical and uncritical traces, fine-tuning, optimization, and fine-tuning. You can push and shove traces until they conform to the design rules set by the designer. Fine-tuning the design ensures signal and power integrity. A design rules check must be completed before the PCB designer can release files for manufacturing. All errors must either be fixed or cleared.

Allegro PCB Designer

Allegro PCB editor features to increase efficiency and speed. These include integrated RF designing tools, design partitioning, and planning for manufacturing. These tools speed up the design process so that the product is ready for market faster.

Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer

OrCAD PCB Designer is a scaled-down version of Allegro with fewer advanced tools for editing and routing PCBs. This tool is more situated to simple designs that are not constraint-driven.

In addition to Allegro PCB Design Services, Allegro is also a tool our electronic engineers utilize for PI, SI, and EMI constrained boards.