A blue PCB Design printed circuit board with a quad flat pack

PCB Design Services

911EDA's PCB design services are provided by our team of highly skilled and experienced designers. We are known as the industry leader in PCB layout services, supporting customers across the United States since 2000.

We can support all major design tools available and work hand in hand with engineers and manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest quality design is provided.

We are your support team to help you meet your demanding schedules and technical requirements.

Expedited services are available in order to support tight schedules.

We view PCB layout as an integral link between electronic engineering and prototype manufacturing to ensure your circuit board meets all your requirements with the highest quality design and service.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of technologies including high speed designs, RF, power supplies, digital and analog, DDR3 and DDR4 memory, as well as EMI and thermal analysis design practices.

We also offer high level schematic capture and PCB library set up and management.

We understand that PCB design is a critical step in the electronic product development process. A high quality PCB design can be the difference between one iteration and multiple respins.

Multiple iterations are both costly and time consuming. By designing a board to our strict quality standards, we can reduce or eliminate the need for a second iteration, reducing your overall project time and cost.

PCB Design Services

  • PCB Layout
  • Prototype Procurement
  • Creating RoHS Compliant Designs for New Layouts
  • Converting Existing Assemblies for RoHS Compliance

PCB Layout Capabilities

  • Single Sided
  • Double Sided
  • Multiple Layer Boards
  • Rigid and Flexible Circuit Board Technologies
  • Mixed Components - Through-hole and Surface Mount

Areas of Expertise

  • High Density Boards
  • EMI Protection
  • High-speed Signal Design
  • Differential Impedance Control
  • Fine Pitch BGA Layout
  • High Current/Voltage Designs
  • Sensitive Analog Circuits
  • Design for Manufacturability

Our team can support a complete PCB design project from start to finish or help with smaller portions such as placement, routing, generating proper manufacturing files, library management, and more. We are happy to make small changes or complete large complex designs.

We understand that our customers often need a PCB design completed quickly. We support our customers by providing expedited PCB design services when needed. 

PCB Design Software Supported:

Official Altium PCB Layout Firm

Altium Designer (911EDA is an official Altium PCB design firm)

PADs PCB Design and DxDesigner schematic

Allegro PCB Design


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