A green and black PCB with someone testing it with a probe sitting on a schematic.


Do you have concerns about your design or have a current manufacturing problem? 

Our specialized teams at 911EDA will review your design to identify possible improvements to your cost, yield and time to market.


How can our expertise be integrated into your product design cycle?

DFM / DFT Design Verification 

DFM/DFT issues account for a major portion of defect, reliability, and cost in lead-free products and we can assist you with (read our article on Design for Manufacturability)

·         Accessibility issues in your densely populated high speed boards

·         Understanding manufacturing problems in your products

·         Designing products for easy fabrication, processing, and assembly

Our DFM/DFT services guarantee you a high quality and yield with reduced cost and time to the market.


Pre and Post Routing Signal Integrity Verification

Signal waveform distortions can be caused by different mechanisms. But there are three mostly concerned noise problems:

·         Reflection Noise

·         Crosstalk Noise

·         Power/Ground Noise

911EDA can help you with these kinds of SI issues, and any other Electromagnetic Incompatibility (EMC) or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) problems that may contribute to the signal waveform distortions.

Our simulation process is flexible for your project requirements. It can be as extensive as running simulation on multiple boards as a system or as simple as running simulation selectively on a few critical lines.

We can also identify the risk areas of the circuit which will benefit from SI during the project planning phase.

Our design flow on the side shows the steps we take in eliminating such signal issues from your high speed boards and hence helping your board signals propagate through the board smoothly.


PCB Design Flow Worksheet


Signal Integrity Capabilities

·         Pre- and post-route high-speed signal integrity analysis and simulation

·         28GHz+ transceivers and 40GHz+ package level simulations

·         Signal integrity driven layer stacks and constraint generation

·         Net scheduling and design optimization for complex topologies like multi-drop buses (DDR3, DDR4)

·         Reducing reflections and crosstalk for improved timing margins and emissions

·         Optimizing decoupling for power integrity and lowest cost

·         Simultaneous switching noise considerations and design strategies

·         Component & system characterization, including full S-parameters, gain and noise figure optimization

·         Shield design and split plane optimizations for both sensitive signals and Regulatory Approvals

·         Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) analysis


Component database management

PCB component database management

911EDA assists in maintaining accurate physical models of electronic components and connectors used in PCB manufacturing, test and assembly, in a consistent CAD/CAM-friendly format.

We make sure that your part database packages names, based on the recognized JEDEC JES-D 30B standard, and the package models contain the required attributes for your PCB Design Environment.

We also create custom attributes for individual part numbers to support requirements such as lead-free or performance characteristics needed for test or inspection