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Via Properties Calculator

Welcome to our Via Properties Calculator, designed to assist in determining essential properties of PCB vias based on specified operational requirements. This tool calculates key attributes such as current carrying capacity, resistance, voltage drop, and power loss for vias. It uses inputs like via diameter, plating thickness, via length, and ambient temperature conditions. The calculator takes into account material resistivity and temperature coefficients to help ensure the reliability and effectiveness of PCB via design under various conditions.

Inputs Required:

  • Via Diameter (mils, cm, mm, µm, in)
  • Via Height (mils, cm, mm, µm, in)
  • Via Plating Thickness (mils, cm, mm, µm, in)
  • Internal Pad Diameter (mils, cm, mm, µm, in)
  • Ref. Plane Opening Diameter (mils, cm, mm, µm, in)
  • Ambient Temperature (°C)
  • Max Allowable Temperature Rise (°C)
  • Dielectric Constant (Ɛr)

Outputs Provided:

  • Max Current Carrying Capacity (Amperes) What is this? The highest amount of electrical current that the via can safely conduct without exceeding its thermal limits.
  • Resistance at Ambient Temp (Ohms) What is this? The electrical resistance of the via at ambient temperature, indicating how much it impedes the flow of electricity.
  • Resistance at Elevated Temp (Ohms) What is this? The electrical resistance of the via at the elevated temperature, indicating how much it impedes the flow of electricity.
  • Voltage Drop (millivolts) What is this? The small voltage loss that occurs as current passes through the via, affected by the via’s material and dimensions.
  • Power Loss (Watts) What is this? The energy dissipated as heat within the via due to its inherent electrical resistance when current flows through it.
  • Inductance (nanohenries)  What is this? The property of the via that causes it to oppose changes in the electrical current passing through it. Measured in Henries, this value depends on the via's geometry and the magnetic permeability of surrounding materials.
  • Cross-Sectional Area (Square Millimeters)  What is this? The area of the via's cross-section perpendicular to the direction of current flow. A larger cross-sectional area allows more current to pass through the via with less resistance and heat generation.

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Please note that the results provided by this calculator are for estimation purposes only and should be used as a guide during the design process. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this tool, but it is important to verify all calculations through standard design verification processes. We are not liable for any errors in calculations or their consequences in your projects.

Diagram showing a PCB via with blue coloring to indicate different layers, labeled with via height, diameter, and plating thickness.
Via Diameter
Via Height
Via Plating Thickness
Internal Pad Diameter
Ref Plane Opening Diameter
Ambient Temperature
Max Allowable Temp Rise
Dielectric Constant (Ɛr)
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