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Close-up of a printed circuit board highlighting various trace widths, essential for PCB design

Trace Width Calculator

With our Trace Width Calculator, you can efficiently determine your PCB's estimated trace width. Input your desired current, trace thickness, length, and the acceptable temperature rise to calculate the optimal trace width. This tool also provides additional outputs, including trace resistance, voltage drop across the trace, and power loss, helping you make informed decisions to ensure reliability and efficiency in your circuit designs.

Via Properties Calculator

Our Via Properties Calculator can accurately calculate your PCB vias' estimated maximum current carrying capacity. Enter specifications such as via diameter, height, plating thickness, ambient temperature, and maximum temperature rise to obtain critical data, including maximum current capacity. This tool also provides detailed calculations of resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures, voltage drop, and power loss.

Close-up view of a PCB highlighting various vias integrated into the circuit design.
Complex PCB showcasing detailed trace layouts and components related to impedance for PCB design calculators.

Impedance Calculators

Our Impedance Calculator efficiently calculates the impedance for different trace types. Enter key parameters such as trace width, trace thickness, height above the ground plane, and dielectric constant to accurately determine impedance values. This tool is vital for optimizing PCB signal integrity and ensuring your designs adhere to specific electrical standards. Gain insights into how trace configurations impact overall circuit performance, enabling more informed design choices.

Ohm's Law Calculator

Our Ohm's Law Calculator simplifies the process of determining electrical values within your PCB designs. Input essential parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance to quickly calculate the remaining variables. This tool is crucial for verifying electrical compliance and optimizing circuit functionality.

Leverage accurate calculations to ensure your PCB operates efficiently under various electrical loads, enhancing both safety and performance.

PCB featuring resistors and circuitry elements illustrating the principles of Ohm's Law in PCB design calculators.

Need Expert Help with Your PCB Designs?

If you've used our PCB design calculators and are looking for expert assistance to bring your projects to life, consider partnering with 911EDA. With over 20 years of specialized expertise in PCB design and engineering, 911EDA is equipped to elevate your designs from concept to completion. Our professional team uses advanced technology and tools to deliver precise and innovative solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Partner with 911EDA?

  • Seamless Integration: Extend the capabilities of your preliminary calculations with our expert services, ensuring a smooth transition from design to production.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from our full-spectrum services, covering everything from schematic capture to final PCB layout.
  • Customized Expertise: Get tailored solutions and ongoing support designed to optimize the efficiency and success of your PCB projects.
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