Oct 11, 2021

Written by Rich Tighe

Collaborating effectively and efficiently with colleagues throughout the design cycle leads to better results.

Rapidly designing and building successful electronic circuit boards is always helped by good communication and collaboration among engineering teams (internal and/or external), purchasing departments, and EMS providers.

Collaborating effectively and efficiently with colleagues throughout the design cycle leads to better results. Parts selection and availability have always been important, but they have become a primary concern during the global pandemic-induced shortages. By using circumspect design techniques and a design tool that facilitates collaboration and provides clear insight into the supply chain, PCB designers can stay…

Aug 30, 2021

Join the Orange County Chapter of the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA) for a virtual Lunch ‘n’ Learn meeting, sponsored by American Standard Circuits.

Scott McCurdy IPC PCB Design

The meeting will feature two presentations: 

First presentation: Next-Gen Line/Space Capability for PCB Designs
Speakers: Anaya Vardya and John Bushie, ASC, and Haris Basit, Averatek 

The need for increasingly complex electronics, combined with the obsolescence of larger component packages, is driving innovation to provide alternatives to the traditional…

Jul 20, 2021

Altium’s CoDesigner capability is designed for mechanical engineers to collaborate on PCB design and deployment, allowing electrical and control engineers to work together.

Altium, best known for software solutions designed for engineers and designers, recently announced the release of their free CoDesigner capability designed to support the collaboration of mechanical engineers.

Collaboration Between Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers

PCB assemblies involve at minimum an electronic circuit, a PCB, programmable hardware, a mechanical enclosure, and the code for the microprocessor used--and the assembly is designed…

May 25, 2021

Two robot hands touching fingers with one silver and one a circuit board

Altium’s CoDesigner capability gives PCB designers using Altium Designer (with an active subscription) a much faster and easier way to collaborate with mechanical designers

In the process of designing electronic products for industries like IoT, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation—mechanical and electrical engineers face multiple challenges. One of the greatest sources of frustration mechanical engineers face happens when mechanical and PCB designers collaborate on the same…

Apr 01, 2021

Black and white image of a PCB designUpdate on 911EDA PCB Design Services, March 2021.


Despite the global pandemic and national lockdowns slowing progress, 911EDA PCB Design Services has had an extremely successful 2020 and has seen steady growth putting the company in a stronger position.




The team writes:

Continued progress in the face of COVID

Through careful operational planning and active steps taken in line within government guidelines, we have…

Mar 25, 2021

Cadence Logo

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced the next-generation Cadence® Sigrity X signal and power integrity (SI/PI) solutions.

Sigrity X features powerful new simulation engines for system-level analysis and includes the innovative massively distributed architecture of the flagship Cadence Clarity™ 3D Solver. The new Sigrity X tool suite addresses the size and scalability challenges of system-level simulations faced by today’s leading-edge technologists in the 5G communications, automotive, hyperscale computing, and aerospace and defense industries…

Mar 02, 2021

Altium 365 PCB Design Supply Chain Management

Designing is stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about procuring parts as well. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most of us, especially in today’s climate. Supplies and prices seem to change overnight and it’s hard to keep up, but there is something you can do. Arm yourself with knowledge this month to see how Altium Designer along with Altium 365 can help to solve your supply chain challenges.

Altium is offering a number of live webinars throughout March designed to support your PCB design supply chain management.

Live Webinars

March 2nd 11:00 AM PST

Get Started with Altium 365

For those who have recently, or thinking about…

Jan 19, 2021

Altium PCB Design WebinarPCB Design Webinar: Spend More Time Innovating by Leveraging Templates

Altium is pleased to offer free weekly webinars that cover basic and advanced challenges that designers and PCB engineers face. These webinars are short and focused live webinars that provide instruction with value and insight on the typical design and layout related topics, ranging from simple to technically complex solutions incorporating best practices. These, up to 1-hour webinars will include live instruction, Q&A, and practical demonstrations.…

Dec 16, 2020

Mentor Officially Changes Name to Siemens EDA

Mentor PCB Design LogoMentor, a Siemens business, has rebranded as Siemens EDA. The move comes almost four years after the EDA company Mentor Graphics was acquired by the industrial and product-lifecycle management (PLM) giant. The organization continues to operate as part of Siemens Digital Industries Software.  Under this new banner, Siemens is bringing together the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of EDA software, with Siemens technology for simulation, mechanical design, manufacturing, cloud, IoT and…

Dec 12, 2020

IPC-2581C, Generic Requirement for Printed Board Assembly Product Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology is the eagerly anticipated update of IPC’s widely adopted global standard for PCB design through manufacturing data flow. Revision C introduces groundbreaking new features, automation supporting Industry 4.0, and bidirectional DFX intelligence capability that eliminates the time-consuming back and forth between design house and manufacturers before production can begin.

As technology in the industry progresses, including the latest additive processes with embedded components within the PCB, the IPC-2581 committee of experts has introduced support for the latest technologies, representing every aspect of modern PCB design. Updates include overhauled…