Webcast - PCB Materials, Simulations, and Measurements for 32 Gb/s | 911EDA

Electronic Design and Microwaves & RF are providing a webcast discussing PCB materials, simulations, and measurements for 32 Gb/s.

Why this Webcast is Important:

Breaking the 32 Gb/s barrier for printed circuit board (PCB) channels requires a strong understanding of PCB stack-up design, simulation methods, and measurement techniques. How a PCB fabrication document calls out the materials, such as fiber weave and surface roughness, is critical to high speed performance. Accuracies of channel performance time and frequency domain simulations at the higher data rates require knowledge of as-fabricated material properties and tolerances. Design and measurement of test structures to validate the PCB stack-up performance require custom fixtures and implementation of high frequency calibration techniques, such as fixture removal. Understanding the basic flow and interaction of stack-up design, simulation, and measurement is critical for leverage of existing low cost PCB manufacturing technology for repeatable design performance. This webcast brings together experts in each of these three areas to demonstrate the basic flow of successful stack-up design with robust correlation between measurements and simulations at 32 Gb/s and beyond.

Who should view this webcast:

Signal Integrity Engineers working with Printed Circuit Board Channels at Multi-Gigabit Data Rates