FR4 PCB Materials

FR4 is a thin, woven, fiberglass reinforced laminated sheet of epoxy often used in PCB fabrication. FR4 is a composite structure made up of layers of fiberglass that provides the material with stability and rigidity. FR4 stands for flame retardant. The rating of the material is indicated by the number 4.

These properties make FR4 a popular material for OEMs and PCB manufacturers.

FR4 PCB Material

Excellent Electrical Properties

  • The electrical properties of all PCB materials play an essential part in signal integrity and impedance considerations. These properties are critical for speeding up the signal that passes through the circuit board material.

Flame Retardant

  • Flame retardants are versatile and can be used in many manufacturing processes. Because of their excellent electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, FR4 is a prevalent choice in electronics applications.

Moisture Absorption:

  • This property is the most critical FR4 material. It absorbs very little moisture when submerged in water. It has a meager absorption rate of 0.10 %. . FR4 can withstand high temperatures and is temperature resistant.

Cost Effectiveness:

  • FR4 has become a popular base material for circuit boards because of its low cost and stability.

Guidelines Essential for Choosing FR4 Material In PCB Fabrication

Material Thickness is a crucial part of FR4 circuit board manufacture. These three units measure material thickness: inches (millimeters), thousands (millions)

  • If the operating temperature exceeds 150degC, it is a good idea to choose a high-performance FR4 laminate. These materials have lower manufacturing costs and are more resistant to thermal expansion.
  • You can use thin FR4 material with space restrictions to ensure your PCBs are reliable. This allows you to make complex yet thin PCBs for medical and automotive applications.
  • Select a material that has a uniform dielectric constant at all frequencies. This category includes FR4.
  • Avoid thin PCB materials that have grooves. This increases the risk of cracking or board damage.

FR4 is available in many configurations and specifications due to demand. Their team has been helping clients make the right choices and providing end-to-end solutions.