EDA Tools Market for IC Industry – Growing Adoption of Cloud Based Tools Demands Growth

The EDA tools market for IC industry report provides analysis for the period 2016 – 2026, wherein 2018 to 2026 is the forecast period and 2017 is the base year. The report covers all the major trends and technologies playing an influential role in the market’s growth over the forecast period. It also highlights the drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the analysis of market growth during the said period. The study provides a complete perspective on the evolution of the global EDA tools market for IC industry throughout the above mentioned forecast period in terms of revenue (US$ Mn).

EDA Tools Market for IC Industry (Component – Solution (Bundled, Standalone), Services (Managed, Professional); Application – Design, Simulation, Verification; Deployment – Cloud based (Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud), On-Premise) – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 – 2026

Electronic design automation (EDA), also identified as electronic computer assisted design, is a class of software tools used for designing electronic systems such as integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. The tools function collectively in a design stream that the chip designer uses in order to analyze and design entire semiconductor chips. EDA tools are important for design, since modern IC (Integrated Circuit) chips are likely to have billions of components.

Previously, K-Maps technique was employed to design the flow of electronic circuits. However, with electronics and technological advancements in various industries, more composite electronic circuits were essential. Such complicated designing was difficult with the help of traditional methodologies. Therefore, EDA tools were designed to solve the composite designing issue of electronic circuits.

The electronic design automation tools market is primarily driven by the increasing complication of semiconductor device designs. Complications are arising in the design of various smaller ICs due to changing technologies. Due to the smaller size of circuits, precision is the most important factor to be considered, which is achieved only when electronic design automation tools are used while designing and manufacturing smaller circuits.

Adoption of FinFET architecture is also an important factor boosting the demand for electronic design automation tools in the market across the world. This technology helps deliver superior levels of scalability required to ensure that the present progress with enhanced level of integration within integrated circuits is maintained. Moreover, increasing demand for system on chip (SoC) technology is also propelling the demand for EDA tools globally.

The declining cost per function of ICs is a primary reason for the rising demand for system on chips. Significant developments in the field of ICs in recent years have enabled important design changes in microprocessors and microcontrollers, making it possible to embed diverse patterns within a single chip. Additionally, the advent of Internet of Things is also a factor driving the market globally. Demand for Internet of Things is expected to rise since the cost of connected devices has decreased. This, in turn, is likely to drive the expansion of the EDA tools market.

North America remained the dominant region in the EDA tools market for IC Industry in 2017.The region accounted for almost one-third of the global market revenue share and is expected to continue its leading position throughout the forecast period. This is due to the fact that a large number of mid-sized and small enterprises are leaning toward EDA tools. Asia Pacific captured the second largest market share in 2017.

The region also showed the fastest growth in 2017, buoyed by rising adoption rate of EDA tools for the semiconductor industry over the years. Asia Pacific is however seeing hurdles in the growth of the EDA tools market for IC Industry. Factors such as different regulatory compliances and limited availability of efficient Internet connectivity infrastructure are seen as key reasons for the potential growth slag.

This report on the global EDA tools market for IC industry provides market revenue share analysis of various key players. Some of the key players profiled in the report include Agnisys Technology Pvt Ltd., Aldec, Altium Ltd, Ansys Inc., Arm Holdings, Cadence Design Systems Inc., Keysight Technologies Inc., JEDA Technologies, Mentor Graphic Corporation, MunEDA, Siemens PLM Software Ltd., Synopsys Inc. and Zuken Inc.

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