Altium 365 is the platform that unites PCB design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork.

Altium 365, a cloud-based infrastructure platform, connects all key stakeholders and disciplines for PCB design. This includes mechanical designers, engineers, PCB designers, parts procurement, fabrication, and assembly. Altium 365 is a cloud-based infrastructure platform that connects the manufacturing floor to electronics design.

911EDA utilizes the powerful Altium 365 platform in our Altium PCB design services so that our customers can benefit from all the tool's value.

Transparent PCB design reviews and sharing will help you get better quality products to market quicker than your competition because you can share the current status of your projects with your team, manufacturers, customers, and even your customers. Customers can review and mark your designs without leaving your design area. Anybody with internet access can view, cross-probe, comment, and search for your PCB design project using a browser, and no additional Altium Designer licenses are required.

Altium 365 is a cloud-based PCB design tool, so there are no servers to configure or software to install. You can access it from Altium Designer or via a browser. Altium 365 hosts a variety of software-based services. Each service is designed to simplify your life as a PCB designer and make it easier for all involved in product creation. Altium 365 allows you to easily share your design progress with purchasing or management. It also makes it easy for potential manufacturers to collaborate from anywhere. It doesn't require changing any of the tools you already use every day, no matter your discipline.

Hosting on Altium 365 makes it easy to find parts, set up, and use components so you can be up and running in minutes with no server installation and convenient features like part import tools. You have access to reliable parts data in a matter of seconds. This data can be shared or used for your purposes. You can unlock many powerful capabilities by combining structured Release and Manufacturing processes (e.g., you will have a list of materials available for manufacturing - both now and in the future.

You have three options for accessing the Altium 365 platform and the services it offers:

  • Personal – for those who wish to enjoy the collaborative aspects of Altium 365 without needing to have a connected Workspace to store their data. The Altium 365 platform supports the persistent storage of design snapshots (from different ECAD platforms) and Gerber manufacturing data. You can also share your designs with anyone to make comments or redline them. You can also access live/WIP designs via the internet, which can be viewed and commented on if they have been shared outside a Workspace.

Registration to AltiumLive is required but does not require an active Altium Subscription Plan. Altium Designer is not integrated with the web browser.

  • Standard – For those who want to enjoy the full global sharing benefits of Altium 365, the convenience of having all their design and components in a single connected company Workspace without having to maintain a strict structure or formality to their managed data. Allows you to share your live designs with anyone around the world. You can also view and comment on them and edit them. ECAD-MCAD CoDesign support is also available.

Registration to AltiumLive or Altium Designer is required with an active Standard Subscriber Plan. You can access functionality from Altium Designer or through your Web browser.

  • – For those who need data management's complete structure and formality and want to use all the Altium 365 features. All your data is stored and created in one affiliated company's Workspace. Allows you to share and edit live designs with anyone around the globe. ECAD-MCADCoDesign also receives extended support. Additional features, functionality, and services are also available. These include fully managed components with component validation, where-used capability, component templates, managed jobs, and part requests.

pcb design altium 365 workspace

Altium 365 Workspace

The Altium 365 Workspace, an integral part of Altium 365's cloud-based infrastructure platform, is a cloud-hosted server that hosts all managed content. It allows seamless connectivity between the design, manufacturing, and supply domains and facilitates data movement. It is a browser-based interactive ECAD collaboration system that requires no tools or knowledge. ECAD designers, procurement, board fabricators, and assemblers can now work together more accessible than ever before.

It integrates seamlessly with Altium Designer and provides elegant solutions to the problem of protecting design data. The Workspace offers secure, rock-solid storage for data. It also allows for the re-release of data in different revisions. This will enable you to track design changes over time without overwriting previously released data. It allows users to view the data's lifecycle and determine what they can safely use it for.

PCB designers can store all managed data in the Workspace, including domain models, design templates, and schematic sheets of circuitry. You can create and manage entire design projects within the Workspace. The CAD-centric management view allows for collaborative review, comments, and inspection of the BOM and history. You can access the Manufacturing Portal to view and navigate the file data, inspect its BOM, and view and comment on the image of the design and the source of that data. You can also share a chosen release with your manufacturer as a manufacturing package.

You can start new projects by furnishing a set of reusable design "building blocks" within the Workspace. This will make you confident that every model, component, and higher-order design element has been approved and ratified for use. With each new design using features that have been released to the Workspace, it becomes both the destination and source of design elements. PCB designers can ensure these designs' integrity by using only parts from the Workspace.

Design Review and Sharing on the Web

Transparent PCB design reviews and sharing will help you get better quality products to market quicker than your competition. You can share the current status of your projects with your team, manufacturers, customers, and even your customers. Customers can review and mark your designs without leaving your design area. Anybody with internet access can view, search and cross-probe your project using a browser. No additional Altium Designer licenses are required.

A PCB design ready for review


You can keep your team cohesive and control how PCB design projects are managed. You can control who has access to design data by setting configurable roles and access rights. You'll be notified instantly if there are any changes via Altium Designer, Altium365, or email.

Mechanical Design

You can turn electronic and mechanical collaboration problems into competitive advantages by seamlessly working across domains without losing time or intent. Bi-directional data transfers between your ECAD/MCAD tools make it easy for you to work with your mechanical team and share any design changes. Native integration with Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, and PTC Creo can be up to 10x faster than other less-error-prone data exchange methods.

Libraries Supply Chain

Electronic components account for up to 70% of your product's total cost. Altium 365 lets you quickly make informed decisions using real-time component data. So this includes lifecycle status from IHS Markit and pricing and availability data for Octopart for millions of ready-to-use components. Cloud component management allows you to unify previously separate parts libraries and make them available for everyone in one secure location.

Centralized Cloud Storage

Automatic backups and a central location for all your PCB design assets in cloud storage help solve collaboration problems such as design review confusion or lost data. With an entire project history and Git-powered version management, you can see exactly which changes were made and who did them. You'll be able to use trusted design assets in future projects with powerful lifecycle management and design reuse tools.

altium project planning

PCB Manufacturing

Version-controlled release packs that are easy to share so you can eliminate costly and time-consuming miscommunications in manufacturing. Without downloading additional software, your manufacturing partner can access and comment directly from a browser on any output data. You'll be able to access all your manufacturing files from one central location and have everything you need to run a successful production.