Dec 16, 2020

Mentor Officially Changes Name to Siemens EDA

Mentor PCB Design LogoMentor, a Siemens business, has rebranded as Siemens EDA. The move comes almost four years after the EDA company Mentor Graphics was acquired by the industrial and product-lifecycle management (PLM) giant. The organization continues to operate as part of Siemens Digital Industries Software.  Under this new banner, Siemens is bringing together the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of EDA software, with Siemens technology for simulation, mechanical design, manufacturing, cloud, IoT and low-code.  The…

Dec 12, 2020

IPC-2581C, Generic Requirement for Printed Board Assembly Product Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology is the eagerly anticipated update of IPC’s widely adopted global standard for PCB design through manufacturing data flow. Revision C introduces groundbreaking new features, automation supporting Industry 4.0, and bidirectional DFX intelligence capability that eliminates the time-consuming back and forth between design house and manufacturers before production can begin.

As technology in the industry progresses, including the latest additive processes with embedded components within the PCB, the IPC-2581 committee of experts has introduced support for the latest technologies, representing every aspect of modern PCB design. Updates include overhauled…

Dec 10, 2020

Upcoming Altium PCB Design Webinar

Altium PCB Design WebinarAltium is pleased to offer free weekly webinars that cover basic and advanced challenges that designers and PCB engineers face. These webinars are short and focused live webinars that provide instruction with value and insight on the typical design and layout related topics, ranging from simple to technically complex solutions incorporating best practices.

Join Altium's next webinar:

Printed Circuit Design in Altium Designer
Printed Electronics is emerging to become as common as 3D printing.…

Nov 12, 2020

The Trade Association for Design, PCB and Electronics Manufacturing (FED) has awarded the PCB Design Award to three PCB designers for their outstanding achievements:

Thomas Blasko (CiBOARD electronic), Georg Scheuermann (TQ-Systems) and Michael Matthes (WITTENSTEIN cyber motor) are this year's winners. The award, donated by the Fed, recognizes every two years the demanding and complex work of PCB designers, this year in the categories 3D/construction space, high wiring density and high transmission rates (HDI) as well as special creativity. Erika Reel, Fed Board Member Design and Jury Chairman, and Christoph Bornhorn, Fed Managing Director, presented the winners in their companies with the winning certificates.

The winners of the PCB Design Award 2020…

Sep 10, 2020

Altium Launches STEM Distance Learning Initiative for High School Educators and Students

SAN DIEGO--()--Altium LLC, a leading PCB design and realization software company, believes that students should have access to professional tools today to prepare them for…

Aug 19, 2020

Altium 365 platform empowers designers to work from anywhere, and connect with anyone.

Altium Designer PCB Layout Services

Altium, LLC, a leader in PCB design software, today announced the availability of Altium 365, the world’s first cloud platform for PCB design and realization. The platform is poised to transform the electronics industry by bridging the gap between PCB designers, part suppliers, and manufacturers through seamless collaboration as the design evolves.

Altium 365 works harmoniously with Altium Designer, the industry standard for PCB design, to…

Apr 20, 2020

Altium has some great online training courses coming up.  You can learn more or register here.

Altium Logo


This Instructor Lead Altium Designer 20 course will walk through the entire design capture process, starting from User Interface, Project creation, Schematic entry, then Layout, Documentation and finally Fabrication Outputs. In addition to the design-centric modules, it will explore building the libraries for use in design capture and layout, walking…

Apr 09, 2020

The folks at IPC sincerely hope that you and your families are staying safe during this unprecedented global crisis. The effects of COVID-19 are creating new challenges as we adjust to sheltering in place. You can find current information on scheduled events as well as IPC’s response to the crisis on the 

Mar 27, 2020

Altium is offering Free Altium Academy Virtual Sessions!  

As many of us are now working from home, we wanted to give our PCB design community access to our FREE Altium Academy Virtual Sessions. These weekly interactive sessions are short and focused and allow time for live Q&A. We’ll have topics for users of every tool, including industry best practices, professional development courses as well as Altium Designer specific courses...something for everyone!As part of our Altium Academy Sessions, the Tech Tracks will dive into industry-specific PCB design challenges that engineers face and how to overcome them. Additionally, we will have specific Altium Designer courses with our Altium Essentials JUMPSTART Series.

Mar 10, 2020

Four hands touching the forearm of another making a square

Altium, announces that Seeed, the IoT hardware enabler, has embedded the Geppetto electronic design application into its Seeed platform. Seeed users can now go straight from creating a design, to manufacturing a working printed circuit board in just one session.

Geppetto is a ground-breaking cloud-based design tool that allows anyone to design electronics. Until now, Gumstix was the only company using Geppetto to create and manufacture custom electronics. Now users can create Geppetto-based designs and have them manufactured by Seeed. A…