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Meet Our Leadership

Meet the PCB Design Leadership Team Powering 911EDA’s Comprehensive Electronic Services

At 911EDA, Inc., we pride ourselves on offering more than just PCB design. We provide a holistic approach to electronics solutions with capabilities spanning electronic engineering, PCB consulting, and manufacturing. Our PCB Design Leadership Team is at the heart of our success and innovation. This ensemble of industry veterans and experts ensures 911EDA consistently meets quality, innovation, and client satisfaction benchmarks in the electronics domain.

Banner image showcasing Jeff Brayshaw from 911EDA's leadership team. He is pictured in a grayscale portrait wearing glasses. Prominently displayed in orange is his name, 'Jeff Brayshaw', followed by his title, 'Senior Electrical Engineer and Engineering Manager', set against a light gray background.

Jeff Brayshaw - Engineering Projects Manager

  • Educational Background: Jeff’s foundation in electrical systems was sculpted with a BSEE from Ohio State University and further refined with an MSEE from USC, specializing in digital signal processing and digital communications.

  • Contributions & Achievements: Launching his career in 1994 at Hughes Aircraft Company, Jeff’s role was instrumental in developing circuits for radar and image sensors. At 911EDA, his prowess led him to manage a prolific team of electronic engineers. With his guidance, this team has pioneered electronic projects, setting industry benchmarks and pushing the envelope in electronic design and engineering.

  • Value Proposition: Jeff brings a holistic and multifaceted approach to an industry where technical glitches can lead to significant setbacks. His team’s designs ensure optimal performance, reducing post-manufacturing modifications. His expertise across digital, analog, and RF systems means clients don’t need to seek multiple specialists; Jeff’s team provides a one-stop solution. This holistic management reduces overlaps, miscommunications, and inefficiencies, ensuring that projects are time- and cost-efficient.

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Banner image featuring Leonard Alexman from 911EDA. Pictured in a grayscale portrait, Leonard has a confident expression. His name, 'Leonard Alexman', is prominently highlighted in orange, and below it reads his title, 'Senior PCB Design Manager', set against a light gray backdrop.

Leonard Alexman (Lenny) - PCB Design Manager

  • Educational Background: Leonard solidified his foundation in technology with an A.A. degree in Computer Technology, which carved the path for his expansive career in PCB design.

  • Contributions & Achievements: Beginning his technological odyssey in 1976 at General Automation, Leonard has since navigated the changing waters of the PCB design landscape. His ascent in the industry took a significant turn at 911EDA, where he now manages a dynamic team of PCB designers. Under his leadership, this team has successfully executed hundreds of PCB designs, each exemplifying a balance of innovation and reliability.

  • Value Proposition: Navigating the complexities of PCB design is challenging. Lenny bridges this gap with his extensive knowledge, ensuring clients get advanced and functional designs. His expertise allows for minimized design iterations, reducing time-to-market. Clients partnering with Lenny and his PCB design team also benefit from reduced design errors, ensuring smoother manufacturing processes and reduced costs in the long run. His management and mentorship ensure that the team he oversees consistently delivers reliable and optimized designs, making client projects a seamless experience.

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Banner image showcasing Ryan O'Connor, M.B.A. from 911EDA. Presented in a grayscale portrait, Ryan displays a friendly smile. His name, 'Ryan O'Connor', stands out in orange. Below, his qualifications and roles are stated as 'Sales Director' and 'Project Manager', all set against a light gray background.

Ryan O’Connor - Sales Director & Chief Project Manager

  • Educational Background: Ryan’s academic journey started with a B.S. in Physiology and Neuroscience from U.C. San Diego and then earned an MBA from Walden University.

  • Contributions & Achievements: Since initiating his career at 911EDA in 2007, Ryan evolved from a salesperson to Sales Director by 2017, fostering a thriving team of sales representatives. As the Chief Project Manager for all projects, he assures alignment with our rigorous quality standards and client goals.

  • Value Proposition: Ryan demonstrates exceptional sales leadership, effectively mentoring and directing his sales representatives. With a broad skill set encompassing sales, marketing, and project management, he ensures that clients receive efficient processes, timely project completion, and notable cost efficiencies.

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Our Mission, Core Values, and Leadership Commitment

  • Mission

    • At 911EDA, our directive is unwavering: to be industry leaders in electronics, championing a holistic suite of services from cutting-edge PCB design to state-of-the-art manufacturing. Guided by our PCB Design Leadership Team, we aspire to pave the path to unparalleled success for our clients.

  • Core Values

    • Excellence: Every service we provide, from PCB design to electronic engineering, consulting, and manufacturing, reflects our dedication to impeccable standards. Our PCB Design Leadership Team ensures that every endeavor we undertake resonates with this commitment to quality.

    • Innovation: Spearheaded by our PCB Design Leadership Team, we’re constantly evolving and staying up-to-date with the latest in electronics. Our clients always have access to pioneering solutions and state-of-the-art technologies.

    • Client-Centricity: Behind every project is our team’s unwavering focus on catering to our clientele's unique needs and aspirations, shaping solutions that align perfectly with their goals.

  • Commitment to Comprehensive Electronic Solutions

    • Under the strategic guidance of our PCB Design Leadership Team, 911EDA stands as more than just a service provider; we are a trusted partner. Our deep-rooted expertise spans the vast continuum of electronics. From the nuances of PCB design to the precision of manufacturing, our commitment is clear: delivering unparalleled electronic solutions tailored to excellence.

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