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Ryan O'Connor, Sales Director - 911EDA PCB Design Leadership Team

Ryan O’Connor - Sales Director & Chief Project Manager

Educational Background

University of California, San Diego - Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Neuroscience

Walden University - Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Advanced Project Management: During his MBA program, Ryan explored advanced project management courses.The courses taught important methods and tools for handling difficult projects, like the ones he deals with at 911EDA. He learned both traditional and Agile project management to handle various projects and adapt to changing needs.
  • Marketing Acumen: Key components of Ryan’s MBA were marketing strategy and consumer behavior courses. This training provided him with deep insights into customer needs and market dynamics. Knowing this is important for his job, helping him create good sales plans and communicate well with clients.
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership: Ryan's MBA program significantly prepared him for senior roles at 911EDA. He acquired essential skills in making strategic decisions and planning for the long term. These skills are important for his daily tasks, especially in guiding the sales team and handling complex projects efficiently.
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Application in Current Role

  • Leadership in Sales and Projects: The leadership and strategic planning skills gained from his MBA are integral to his success as Sales Director and Chief Project Manager. His ability to lead, inspire, and effectively manage his team underpins the success of the sales department and the smooth execution of projects.

  • Project Management Excellence: Applying the project management principles from his MBA, Ryan ensures that each project adheres to the highest standards of quality and meets client expectations. His approach combines efficiency with adaptability, aligning project goals with client needs.

  • Effective Sales Strategies: The marketing knowledge acquired during his MBA has been instrumental in understanding and responding to client requirements. This has led to the development of nuanced sales strategies, significantly enhancing client acquisition and retention rates for 911EDA.

Professional Journey at 911EDA

  • Early Career: Ryan started his career at 911EDA in 2007 as a salesperson. He quickly showed his talent for understanding clients' wants and explaining complicated solutions clearly.
  • Rising to Leadership: By 2017, Ryan had evolved into the role of Sales Director. He made a good sales team by teaching them to prioritize customers and use effective sales strategies.
  • Chief Project Manager: As the Chief Project Manager, Ryan oversees all projects at 911EDA. He is essential in making sure that every project meets the company's high-quality standards and client goals.

Contributions & Achievements

Throughout his tenure at 911EDA, Ryan has:

  • Spearheaded numerous successful sales strategies, resulting in significant client acquisition and retention.
  • Played a pivotal role in streamlining project management processes, enhancing overall efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • Been a driving force behind several critical innovations in sales and project management techniques within the company.
  • Introduced innovative marketing campaigns that boosted brand visibility and attracted new clients.
  • Fostered a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, leading to higher team productivity and client loyalty.


From a Colleague: "I've seen Ryan go from a salesperson to a Sales Director in over ten years. His strong technical knowledge and genuine dedication to our team and clients set Ryan apart. He's always ready with innovative solutions and excels in strategic project planning."

Lenny AlexmanLenny AlexmanPCB Design Manager at 911EDA

From a Client: "Working with Ryan was a positive experience. He brought a mix of professionalism and a personal touch that we appreciated. Ryan understood our project needs well and often took proactive steps to address them. His practical approach to leadership and attention to detail contributed positively to the success of our project."

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