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Jeff Brayshaw

Jeff Brayshaw, Engineering Projects Manager - 911EDA PCB Design Leadership Team

Jeff Brayshaw - Engineering Projects Manager

  • Educational Background: Jeff’s foundation in electrical systems was sculpted with a BSEE from Ohio State University and further refined with an MSEE from USC, specializing in digital signal processing and digital communications.

  • Contributions & Achievements: Launching his career in 1994 at Hughes Aircraft Company, Jeff’s role was instrumental in developing circuits for radar and image sensors. At 911EDA, his prowess led him to manage a prolific team of electronic engineers. With his guidance, this team has pioneered electronic projects, setting industry benchmarks and pushing the envelope in electronic design and engineering.

  • Value Proposition: Jeff brings a holistic and multifaceted approach to an industry where technical glitches can lead to significant setbacks. His team’s designs ensure optimal performance, reducing post-manufacturing modifications. His expertise across digital, analog, and RF systems means clients don’t need to seek multiple specialists; Jeff’s team provides a one-stop solution. This holistic management reduces overlaps, miscommunications, and inefficiencies, ensuring that projects are time- and cost-efficient.

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