911EDA Management Team

Ryan O'Connor 911EDA

Ryan O'Connor is the President of 911EDA, Inc.  He began working with his father, Dennis O'Connor, who founded the company in 1998.  Ryan expanded the company by offering, in addition to PCB layout services, front-end engineering services, PCB consulting services, and PCB fabrication and assembly.  911EDA is one of a handful of companies offering such a wide range of services and is considered the premier Altium PCB layout firm in the United States. 

Ryan is responsible for managing sales and marketing at 911EDA, as well as overseeing all projects, working closely with the design managers.  He has developed a team of sales representatives who reach out to customers across the United States. 

Ryan has a degree in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego and an M.B.A from Walden University.  He is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society.

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Tony Pereira 911EDA


Tony Pererira is our senior designer heading up our East Coast Boston office, laying out hundreds of boards and overseeing his team of designers. Tony is responsible for project management and customer communications as well as allocating and scheduling his designers’ time on customer projects.   

He has 16 years of experience in PCB design, beginning his career in 2000 with Celestica Design Services.  Tony has an immense knowledge of both the PCB fabrication and assembly process and attended a number of certificate classes in the PCB industry, including IPC standards.  He has designed boards using blind and buried technology, DDR2/DDR3/DDR4 memory, power supplies, mixed signal, and analog technology. 

911EDA is the premier Altium layout firm in the United States, largely in part due to Tony’s intimate knowledge of how to use the software imparted by years of use. 

Tony has an associates degree in Electrical Engineering Tech.

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Leonard Alexman 911EDA

Leonard Alexman (Lenny) is a senior designer and has laid out hundreds of boards.  He oversees and manages PADs designs with his counterpart Tony Pereira.  Leonard manages a team of designers and is responsible for project management and time allocation.  He also oversees the quoting process on all PADs projects. 

Leonard began his career as a computer technician at General Automation in 1976, building computer systems. He has an AA degree in computer Technology and 37 years experience in the computer electronics Industry.  

Leonard started as a computer technician, moved up to an engineering technician, then a computer/software designer and then started designing Printed circuit boards.

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Jeff Brayshaw 911EDA

Jeff Brayshaw oversees and manages all engineering projects, from quoting to design specification development and PCB design.  He oversees his team of engineers, managing their time and efforts, as well as manages all engineering projects and customer communication.  Jeff is a Hardware Engineer and Project Manager focusing on digital, analog, and RF systems. He typically performs digital and FPGA design tasks as well as project management functions.

Jeff has a BSEE from Ohio State University and began his career at Hughes Aircraft Company in 1994 developing circuits for processing signals from radar and image sensors.  

In 1986 he was awarded an Engineering Fellowship from Hughes for graduate study at USC and received his MSEE in 1988 with a specialty in digital signal processing and digital communications. He moved on to work for a number of start-up companies in both a development and management role, focusing on leading edge products in the wireless, multimedia, test instrument, and sensor space before partnering with 911EDA in 2003 to help with their expansion into Engineering Services.

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