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At 911EDA, Inc., our commitment to stringent security standards is at the forefront of our operations. We are proudly ITAR compliant, ensuring that US citizens conduct all our PCB design services within the United States. Our rigorous adherence to ITAR guidelines ensures confidentiality and security. When you entrust your projects to us, they never leave our shores.

Engineering managers involved in projects with controlled unclassified information (CUI) can trust 911EDA. Our processes are ITAR-compliant, ensuring the utmost discretion and security. This ensures we manage sensitive information, especially CUI, with care.

How We Protect Your CUI

Understanding the critical importance of electronic data security, 911EDA has established a rigorous protocol to safeguard Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI):

Secure Transfer:

  • We encrypt all data during transit, regardless of the transmission method. This includes transmission via email, file-sharing platforms like Dropbox, or secure file transfer tools, preventing unauthorized access.

Protected Storage:

  • We store your files on our secure servers with advanced encryption technologies upon receipt. We frequently update these servers to mitigate cyber threats.

Access Control:

  • Specific, trained personnel have limited access to these files. This restriction maintains the confidentiality of the CUI and ensures its management by those who understand its importance.

Secure Return:

  • When returning your files, we use the same secure methods as in the initial transfer. This guarantees the protection of your data throughout the process.

Regular Audits:

  • We perform consistent security audits to ensure our protection measures remain current and adhere to industry standards.

911EDA's protocol demonstrates our commitment to ITAR-compliant PCB design services, placing paramount importance on data security.

A professional working on a laptop, with a digital overlay of security icons and shields, illustrating 911EDA's commitment to protecting Controlled Unclassified Information.

ITAR Compliance

Blue circular badge labeled 'ITAR' with the subtitle 'Compliant International Traffic in Arms Regulations', signifying 911EDA's adherence to ITAR regulations.

Choosing 911EDA for your PCB design requirements ensures a partnership with professionals profoundly versed in the complexities of ITAR. Our adherence to ITAR guidelines showcases our unwavering commitment to maintaining the confidence our clients place in us.

  • Governmental CUI Management:

    • Engaging in projects within the governmental sphere necessitates stringent protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). At 911EDA, we implement rigorous protocols to manage CUI with precision.
  • Private Defense Applications:

    • Beyond governmental sectors, we understand that private defense ventures also involve handling sensitive data. Our team is adept at managing such data, ensuring it remains safeguarded throughout the design process.
  • A Reputation of Trust and Security:

    • Our long-standing record speaks volumes about our dedication to data security and confidentiality. Clients can be confident that their data is in capable and trustworthy hands with 911EDA.

ITAR compliance is vital in today's global scenario. Partnering with someone who grasps its significance is crucial. 911EDA offers both PCB design expertise and strict adherence to ITAR guidelines.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns about our ITAR compliance or PCB design services. We are available to assist.

Partnering with 911EDA for ITAR-Compliant PCB Design

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are critical regulations from the US government. They primarily govern the import and export of defense-related items and services. These are detailed in the United States Munitions List (USML). ITAR's primary goals are to protect national security and support the US foreign policy.

Critical facets of ITAR include:

  • Exclusive Sharing:

    • ITAR provisions are clear and explicit. The USML lists defense and military-centric technologies for sharing among US Persons only. Sharing beyond this circle can lead to violations of ITAR.
  • Penalties for Non-compliance:

    • Deviating from ITAR's guidelines isn't just a policy misstep; it can lead to severe financial repercussions.
  • Exclusions from ITAR:

    • ITAR has expanded over time. However, it excludes general scientific, mathematical, or engineering knowledge in standard academic curricula. Publicly accessible information and foundational marketing content are also outside its purview.
  • Approaching Exceptions with Caution:

    • While ITAR provides specific exclusions, handling these with precision and understanding is crucial. Misinterpretations can inadvertently lead to legal complications.

In essence, ITAR's framework, while comprehensive, also requires careful navigation. A deep understanding and adherence to its guidelines are essential for entities dealing with defense-related technologies and services.

Wooden stamp with a black handle and the letters 'ITAR' stamped in red, symbolizing the International Traffic in Arms Regulations compliance.
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