PCB Design Consulting

Do you have concerns about your design or have a manufacturing problem in your design?

PCB Design Consulting Services at 911EDA. 

Our engineers and designers can review your design to identify design problems or design for manufacturability issues. We can advise on how to fix problems or make the changes for you. A DFM review can often reduce cost increase yield, and get your product to market faster.

How can 911EDA PCB design consulting services be integrated into your electronic product design cycle?

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) & Design for Testability (DFT) Validation

DFM and DFT problems can and should be addressed during the PCB design process. As technologies become more advanced, designs are becoming increasingly dense. This can often lead to problems in the manufacturing process where errors are made, resulting in a non-functioning board, which can be costly monetarily and timewise.

Design for testability problems are often found in densely populated high speed designs in terms of accessibility. Test points can be difficult to contact, making verification testing difficult. PCB design consulting services can help. 

911EDA incorporates Design for Manufacturability during the PCB design process and we can analyze boards for design for manufacturability issues.

Pre / Post Routing Signal Integrity (SI) Verification

Signal integrity analyzes the quality of specific traces for noise problems. In general, there are three sources of noise: reflection, power and ground, and crosstalk.

911EDA PCB design consulting services can help to identify these issues and fix them to ensure your design is optimized. We can also identify EMI and EMC problems that can cause interference issues.

We can provide simulation services for a multi-board system, a single board, or just for specific nets.

Ideally, SI risks for particular circuits should be identified during the initial design specification and considered during the schematic design and the layout to prevent issues before building the board. We utilize a design flow process to eliminate signal issues throughout the design cycle.

PCB Design Consulting Flow Worksheet

Component Database Management

PCB design consulting component database management

911EDA can build schematic symbols and PCB footprints, or verify components already in your library. Using symbols and footprints that have been verified to meet the datasheet requirements ensures those parts can be properly installed during assembly.  Please read our article about checking PCB schematics for errors.