What We Do at 911EDA

911EDA offers custom printed circuit board layout and design services for analog, digital, and mixed-signal boards. Our PCB design services cover a wide range of electronic systems and applications. You may already have a schematic and need PCB design support. Or you might want to optimize and improve an existing design for a more cost-effective assembly. We can support any of your needs with printed circuit boards.

What is Included with our Services?

We take care of all aspects of the PCB design process, from front-end engineering, schematic design and capture to PCB design, testing, validation, and certification. Below is a detailed description of our services in printed circuit board design.

Writing a Technical Specification

A design specification is an essential part of custom PCB design services. A design specification can include determining technical requirements and creating block diagrams and is used as a roadmap during the rest of the design process. The design spec contains assumptions, an initial billing of materials (BOM), and estimated costs. This specification allows our designers to stay on the same page as our customers and meet their expectations.

Schematic Design

Schematics are the first step in designing a PCB. A schematic is a two-dimensional drawing that shows the electrical connections between various electronic components such as integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete components. The schematic directly drives the PCB design process. We use professional CAD software such as Altium Designer and OrCad to create the circuitry and connect them.

A pcb schematic in a CAD program

PCB Design Services

After importing the schematic to the PCB layout, we manually place the components and route the traces. We work with the engineer to determine the number of layers required and dimensions of components that the housing's size might restrict. Our PCB layout services include an evaluation of electrical limitations and signal integrity to ensure safety. We can include simulations in our design services for complex layouts. Our experts take into consideration design for manufacturability. This is the main factor that affects the cost of PCB manufacturing. DFM is critical as it directly affects the price of manufacturing, the need for multiple iterations, and time to market.

Fabrication and Testing of PCBs

We create a bill-of-materials (BOM) and Gerber files to describe the design requirements for each circuit board image. Manufacturers use this documentation to reference when fabricating boards and assembling PCBs. We also create a 3D model for specific projects to ensure that the PCB fits into the housing. Both the PCB design and fabrication stages require testing. We give the manufacturer the necessary data and software to conduct an impedance and electrical test. After our PCB design has been approved for production, it is exported into the format that the manufacturer supports. 

pcb fabrication process

Mass production

We prepare files for mass production after the prototype validation and support the customer through manufacturing. We organize special software, hardware, and testing procedures. They allow the manufacturer to test each PCB in the factory.

Technical support

After completing the project, we create a complete document package, including BOM and Gerber files and 3D models, and technical manuals. We continue to support our customers throughout the process of manufacturing and testing.