Does the location of the PCB design firm you work with matter?

No, not anymore. There are many options for virtual communication and networking.

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911EDA offers:

  • All types of professional PCB design services, including multi-layer, Rigid and Flex, Rigid-Flex, Rigid-Flex, Rigid-Flex, Flex.
  • High-Complex and Dense PCB layout designs executed with speed & accuracy
  • Advanced component footprints and library creation, including BGA and QFN package as per IPC standards
  • High-speed PCB design, including length matching, differential pairs, and length matching.
  • Expertise in sensitive and critical signal routing for Analog & Digital (Mixed Signal Circuits) circuits
  • PCB reverse engineering service
  • Services for re-engineering to fix flaws and optimize existing PCB designs to lower costs
  • Upgrade PCBs that have obsolete or incompatible components to the most recent technology using widely available SMT components
  • Prototyping PCB
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Functional and Electrical Testing of the PCBs designed

Are you a PCB designer and want it professionally reviewed? Our PCB Design Review services are available.

911EDA is the right choice for circuit board design.

  • 911EDA believes in getting it right the first and only time. We have extensive methods to ensure all errors are fixed before your product ships. This saves you time and money and avoids a frustrating cycle of incorrect outputs that can lead to a vicious circle of alterations and errors.
  • 911EDA is a specialist in custom electronic product design. We offer PCB prototyping and assembly services, so our designers can easily verify the PCB assembly before you begin bulk manufacturing.
  • 911EDA is a company with 22+ years of experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of cost-effective and high-quality electronic products.
  • Our PCB designs are handled by industry-leading E-CAD tools like Altium Designer, Allegro, and PADs. The PCB design uses 3D models, making integrating M-CAD easier. This ensures that our customers receive designs that meet industry standards and allow easy maintenance.
  • We have high success rates with our design services. We follow all the best design practices, so there are no errors, and your products can get to market quicker.