Designer Dilemmas with New Software Tools

Designer Dilemmas with New Software Tools

The Dilemma

PCB Layout CAD software programs are undergoing dramatic and significant changes as companies release new versions at an increasingly rapid rate. These new versions not only fix bugs, but they add additional features and versatility. Altium Designer is arguably the fastest up and coming CAD tool on the market. This product was designed to unify the entire design process. Altium offers:

A single solution to develop hardware, programmable hardware and software Take designs from concept to manufacture within a single unified environment A single model of the design data, and a single design data storage system

As more and more companies are purchasing and using Altium Designer for their PCB designs, the demand for skilled Altium designers is increasing. But it is difficult to pick up and learn a new program after years of experience with another. As most engineers and designers are aware, learning a new program after having been comfortable with another for a long time is not an easy transition.

The Solution

There are several methods available for learning a new software program. There is the “sink or swim” technique where the boss sits you down in front of the computer and expects a new board by the end of next week. There’s also the “go to the source” technique. Leave the office behind for a week and attend a class with ten to twenty other designers. Or, you could use the more personal technique, such as the one 911EDA can provide. An instructor (who spends 40 to 60 hours a week actually designing boards using Altium Designer and intimately knows the tool) can sit with you and teach you at your facility, at our facility, or through a web-based application while helping you on your projects.

How 911EDA Can Help