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Welcome to 911EDA, your premier source for Altium PCB design services. Our team brings over twenty years of specialized expertise in electronic circuit design. We are at the forefront of utilizing the advanced technology of Altium Designer. We're committed to transforming your complex design challenges into innovative, high-quality solutions.

Why Choose 911EDA for Your Altium PCB Design Needs?

Accredited Expertise:

  • We are recognized as an Official Altium Design Firm with a legacy of engagement with Altium from its very beginning. This extensive history reflects our deep-seated expertise with the Altium platform.

Efficient Project Turnaround:

  • Our depth of experience allows us to achieve quick project turnarounds. We prioritize both speed and quality, ensuring your deadlines are met without compromise.

All-Encompassing Design Solutions:

  • Our team is adept at a wide range of PCB design challenges, from intricate high-speed designs to detailed 3D modeling. Ready to confront any task, we deliver innovative and practical solutions.
Close-up view of intricate Altium PCB design, showcasing detailed routing, components, and voltage specifications, exemplifying 911EDA's significant experience in Altium design services.

911EDA is an Official Altium Design Firm

We are an authorized Altium Design Firm and have been using Altium PCB design tools since its inception.

Official Altium Design Firm Certification Badge

Altium Designer: Pioneering Software for Advanced PCB Design

Screenshot of an intricate Altium PCB design interface, showcasing the detailed design capabilities offered by 911EDA's Altium design services.

Altium Designer Mastery: At 911EDA, we harness the full spectrum of Altium Designer, a premier PCB design tool. Our broad electronic circuit design experience positions us as authorities in leveraging this software, committed to developing precise, cutting-edge electronic circuits.

Seamless Design Workflow: Altium Designer provides a cohesive platform for every facet of PCB design. This integration streamlines our processes, enhancing efficiency and eliminating errors, making it perfect for developing complex electronic products.

Sophisticated PCB Routing: With Altium's advanced routing features, complex PCB layouts become manageable. Tools such as walkaround, push, hug, and obstacle-avoid routing are essential in our arsenal. These capabilities boost PCB functionality and manufacturability, crucial for contemporary electronics design.

3D Modeling Precision: Our team employs Altium Designer's 3D modeling capabilities for exacting PCB layout designs. This approach allows for the early identification of potential fit and design challenges, ensuring the development of functional, seamlessly integrated components.

Ensuring Signal Integrity: Leveraging Altium's high-speed design functionalities, we guarantee the preservation of signal integrity across your PCBs, crucial for high-speed data transmission. Our proficiency in high-speed circuitry is indispensable in the current technological landscape.

Masterful Layer Management: We adeptly navigate the intricacies of multi-layer PCB projects using Altium's layer stack manager. This tool is key to addressing the demands of dense electronic designs and securing their operational effectiveness and reliability.

Integrated Supply Chain Insights: Altium Designer grants us instant access to comprehensive supplier databases, enabling informed component selection that optimizes both performance and cost. This strategy is reflective of the latest advancements in electronic product development.

Optimized Component Selection: Altium Designer's extensive component library streamlines our design workflow, allowing for rapid identification and application of the optimal components. This efficiency is a cornerstone of our promise to deliver tailored, high-performance PCB design solutions.

Through the strategic application of Altium Designer's sophisticated tools, 911EDA is committed to surpassing your expectations for PCB design. Our blend of seasoned expertise and advanced software capabilities promises to deliver forward-thinking, efficient, and dependable electronic design solutions.

Quality Assurance and Altium Designer Standards

At 911EDA, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional Altium Designer PCB design services. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards set us apart. Here's how we ensure your Altium Designer project meets the highest benchmarks:

Manufacturability Optimization with Altium Designer:

  • We leverage Altium Designer to create designs optimized for manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Our team's expertise in Altium Designer results in designs that seamlessly translate into high-quality PCBs.

Altium Designer and EMC/EMI Compliance:

  • Altium Designer equips us to address electromagnetic compatibility and interference challenges effectively.
  • Compliance with EMC/EMI standards is seamlessly integrated into our Altium Designer design philosophy.
Advanced workstation setup displaying multiple Altium PCB designs on screens, with a detailed hardware component in the forefront, illustrating the comprehensive solutions offered by 911EDA's Altium design services.

DFM (Design for Manufacturability) with Altium Designer:

  • Altium Designer is at the core of our DFM strategy, ensuring designs are optimized for efficient manufacturing.
  • We harness Altium Designer's capabilities to deliver designs that are easily manufacturable, resulting in cost-effective production and enhanced reliability.

IPC Standards and Altium Designer:

  • Our commitment to quality aligns with Altium Designer's compatibility with IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) standards.
  • We rigorously follow these standards within the Altium Designer environment, assuring the highest quality and reliability.

We integrate these key principles into our Altium Designer PCB design services. This ensures that your project fully benefits from this industry-leading software. Trust us to transform your Altium Designer-based electronic designs. We prioritize precision, quality, and compliance in every project.

Detailed Benefits of Our Altium Design Services

Customized Design Approach

Tailored Solutions:

  • 911EDA projects possess unique details. We carefully customize our Altium design services to meet each specific requirement with accuracy.

Open Communication:

  • At 911EDA, we commit to trust and transparency. We maintain clear communication, keeping our clients fully informed and engaged throughout the design process.

Client-Centric Approach:

  • Vision Integration: We integrate our client's visions and goals into our solutions. This ensures they align with their strategic objectives, creating designs that truly resonate with their needs.

Flexibility in Design:

  • Adaptive Strategies: Our approach is flexible, adapting to the dynamic needs of each project. This agility allows us to respond effectively to changing requirements and technical challenges.

Utilizing Altium Designer’s Capabilities

Schematic Capture:

  • Our team expertly leverages Altium's robust schematic editor for detailed and precise circuit representation. This ensures a clear, accurate translation from concept to detailed design.

Advanced Board Layout Tools:

  • Our team skillfully utilizes Altium's advanced PCB editor tools for precise and strategic component placement. We position each part carefully to ensure a functional, reliable, and efficient design.

High-Speed & High-Density Design:

  • Utilizing Altium's powerful strengths, we confidently handle complex high-speed and high-density design projects. We focus on delivering both top performance and unwavering reliability.

Unified Library Management:

  • Altium's efficient library management ensures our designers access current and fully compatible components, thereby improving and streamlining design workflows.
Screenshot of Altium Designer software interface displaying a complex PCB design. The image shows a detailed view of a multi-layered printed circuit board layout with various electronic components, tracks, and vias.

Altium Design Case Study - Paragon Medical


Use Altium's PCB design software to create an advanced circuit board for Paragon Medical's innovative device. This device will monitor patients, providing instant data and analyzing it using artificial intelligence.

Key Challenges

  1. Miniaturization and Density: Crafting a diminutive device that houses a densely arranged PCB, ensuring no loss to signal integrity amidst the compact layout.
  2. Maintaining Signal Clarity: Achieving flawless high-speed data transmission capabilities (up to 5 Gbps) while preserving the purity of signal transmission.
  3. Compliance with Medical Standards: Conforming to rigorous ISO 13485 medical regulations, ensuring complete documentation and traceability throughout the design process.
  4. Efficient Design Evolution: Managing a series of design iterations swiftly and effectively, keeping pace with the project's timeline and evolving requirements.
3D render of a green printed circuit board (PCB) designed by 911EDA for Paragon Medical, featuring a variety of electronic components such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, a transformer, and connectors.

Solutions Provided

Design and Technical Innovation:

  • Miniaturization Mastery: Leveraged Altium's sophisticated capabilities, including precision routing and complex multi-layer PCB configurations, to navigate the challenges of creating compact, densely-packed designs without sacrificing performance.
  • Signal Clarity Optimization: Made strategic use of Altium’s Impedance Calculator, differential pairing, and advanced shielding techniques to maintain exceptional signal integrity, essential for high-speed data transfers up to 5 Gbps.
  • Standards Compliance and Coordination: Ensured adherence to ISO 13485 medical standards through ongoing engagement with regulatory entities, employing Altium’s comprehensive documentation features for full project traceability.
  • Advanced Thermal Solutions: Integrated cutting-edge thermal management strategies, utilizing heat mapping, thermal vias, and materials with high thermal conductivity to manage heat efficiently within the device’s compact form.

Operational Excellence and Quality Control:

  • Strategic Component Selection: Rigorously evaluated components for optimal performance, leveraging Altium's extensive dynamic library for precision in selection and maintaining diligent inventory oversight.
  • Streamlined Design Adaptation: Efficiently handled numerous design iterations, maintaining a smooth transition between revisions to ensure both the punctuality and uniformity of quality in every phase.
  • Budget-Smart Engineering: Achieved a delicate balance between advanced functionality and cost-effectiveness, focusing on essential features while conducting regular budget evaluations to optimize resource allocation.
  • Rigorous Testing and Compliance: Utilized Altium’s advanced simulation tools for exhaustive testing procedures. Conducted comprehensive functional and stress testing to not only meet but exceed prevailing industry standards, ensuring reliability and performance.

Visual Analysis

Close-up view of an initial PCB layout with highlighted areas indicating component crowding and intertwined pathways, representing potential signal interference zones as detailed in Diagram A.

Diagram A: Initial PCB layout showing challenges like component crowding and potential signal interference zones.

Technician in gloves holding a detailed, compact PCB board, showcasing the initial design and component placements as represented in Diagram B, before the testing phase.

Diagram B: First iteration of the PCB prior to testing.

Project Outcomes

  • Attained exceptional precision in PCB design, enabling support for data transmission speeds up to 5 Gbps.
  • Maintained strict compliance with ISO 13485 standards, reinforcing Paragon Medical's trust.
  • Successfully navigated complex challenges to remain within the allocated budget.
  • Provided enhanced thermal stability, ensuring the durability of the device.
  • Efficiently coordinated component logistics, effectively navigating supply chain complexities

What Our Clients Say

"I've worked with many design teams, and 911EDA’s skills with Altium really stand out. Their practical approach to PCB design has played a critical role in our project's success. It’s clear they know what they’re doing, and that makes a big difference." - March 10, 2024

Sarah L.Sarah L.Lead Engineer, Tech Innovations

"The success of a PCB design often comes down to how well the designer knows their tools. At 911EDA, their comfort with Altium has helped us meet tough performance targets and stick to our tight project timelines. Their work was precise and reliable." - August 15, 2023

Mike D.Mike D.Hardware Manager

"Working with 911EDA on our PCB project was a great decision. Their familiarity with Altium made our design process more effective and helped simplify our validation steps. They really knew how to make the most of Altium’s features, which was a huge help." - October 22, 2023

Anita R.Anita R.SVP, Engineering, MedTech Solutions

"Modern PCB design requires good strategy and skill with the necessary tools. With 911EDA’s help and their strong grasp of Altium, we managed to overcome complex design challenges, ensuring our project met all technical standards." - January 5, 2024

Alex P.Alex P.Engineering Manager, AeroDynamics Inc.

"911EDA's team combines solid engineering insight with practical use of Altium. Their innovative approach to managing signal integrity and heat in our PCBs was impressive, directly impacting our project’s success." - July 29, 2023

Liam T.Liam T.HW Engineer, NextGen Robotics
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