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Welcome to 911EDA, your premier source for Altium PCB design services. Our team brings over twenty years of specialized expertise in electronic circuit design. We are at the forefront of utilizing the advanced technology of Altium Designer. We're committed to transforming your complex design challenges into innovative, high-quality solutions.

Why Choose 911EDA for Your Altium PCB Design Needs?

Certified Expertise:

  • We are an Official Altium Design Firm with a proud history of working with Altium from the beginning. This long-term experience reflects our deep understanding of the Altium platform.

Rapid Turnaround:

  • Our extensive experience enables us to offer rapid project completion. We focus on efficiency without compromising quality, ensuring we always meet your deadlines.

Comprehensive Solutions:

  • Our team excels in various PCB design tasks, from complex high-speed designs to sophisticated 3D modeling. We're well-prepared to tackle even the most challenging PCB design projects, delivering innovative and efficient solutions.
Close-up view of intricate Altium PCB design, showcasing detailed routing, components, and voltage specifications, exemplifying 911EDA's significant experience in Altium design services.

911EDA is an Official Altium Design Firm

We are an authorized Altium Design Firm and have been using Altium PCB design tools since its inception.

Official Altium Design Firm Certification Badge

Altium Designer: Pioneering Software for Advanced PCB Design

Screenshot of an intricate Altium PCB design interface, showcasing the detailed design capabilities offered by 911EDA's Altium design services.
  • Expertise with Altium Designer: At 911EDA, we fully utilize Altium Designer's capabilities, a leading name in PCB design software. Our extensive experience in electronic circuit design makes us experts in using this platform. We're dedicated to crafting precise and innovative electronic circuits.
  • Unified PCB Design Environment: Altium Designer offers an integrated environment for all PCB design aspects. This unity streamlines our workflow, leading to efficient and mistake-free processes. It's ideal for complex electronic product development.
  • Advanced Routing for PCBs: Altium’s interactive routing tools allow us to handle complex PCB layouts effortlessly. Features like walkaround, push, hug, and obstacle-avoid routing are crucial in our toolkit. They help us enhance PCB performance and ensure manufacturability, key in modern electronics design.
  • 3D Modeling in PCB Design: We use 3D modeling tools within Altium Designer for precise PCB layouts. This lets us visualize how PCBs fit into final products, identifying potential design issues early on. It's a vital step for creating functional and well-integrated electronic components.
  • High-Speed Design Tools: Our use of Altium's high-speed design tools ensures your PCBs maintain excellent signal integrity. This is especially important for rapid data transfer applications. We're adept at high-speed electronic circuit design, a must-have in today's tech world.
  • Layer Stack Management: Altium's layer stack manager lets us expertly handle multi-layer PCB designs. This feature is essential for managing the complexities of high-density electronic designs, ensuring both functionality and reliability.
  • Dynamic Supply Chain Integration: With Altium Designer, we have real-time access to supplier databases. This helps us make informed decisions about components, balancing functionality and cost-effectiveness. Our approach aligns with the latest trends in electronic product development.
  • Efficient Component Library Management: A vast component library in Altium Designer enhances our design process. We quickly find and use the right parts, reducing design time and boosting efficiency. This is part of our commitment to delivering custom, efficient PCB design solutions.

By leveraging Altium Designer's advanced features, 911EDA aims to exceed your PCB design expectations. Our combined expertise and powerful software ensure innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions for your electronic design needs.

Quality Assurance and Altium Designer Standards

At 911EDA, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional Altium Designer PCB design services. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards set us apart. Here's how we ensure your Altium Designer project meets the highest benchmarks:

Manufacturability Optimization with Altium Designer:

  • We leverage Altium Designer to create designs optimized for manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Our team's expertise in Altium Designer results in designs that seamlessly translate into high-quality PCBs.

Altium Designer and EMC/EMI Compliance:

  • Altium Designer equips us to address electromagnetic compatibility and interference challenges effectively.
  • Compliance with EMC/EMI standards is seamlessly integrated into our Altium Designer design philosophy.
Advanced workstation setup displaying multiple Altium PCB designs on screens, with a detailed hardware component in the forefront, illustrating the comprehensive solutions offered by 911EDA's Altium design services.

DFM (Design for Manufacturability) with Altium Designer:

  • Altium Designer is at the core of our DFM strategy, ensuring designs are optimized for efficient manufacturing.
  • We harness Altium Designer's capabilities to deliver designs that are easily manufacturable, resulting in cost-effective production and enhanced reliability.

IPC Standards and Altium Designer:

  • Our commitment to quality aligns with Altium Designer's compatibility with IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) standards.
  • We rigorously follow these standards within the Altium Designer environment, assuring the highest quality and reliability.

We integrate these key principles into our Altium Designer PCB design services. This ensures that your project fully benefits from this industry-leading software. Trust us to transform your Altium Designer-based electronic designs. We prioritize precision, quality, and compliance in every project.

Detailed Benefits of Our Altium Design Services

Customized Design Approach

Tailored Solutions:

  • 911EDA projects possess unique details. We carefully customize our Altium design services to meet each specific requirement with accuracy.

Open Communication:

  • At 911EDA, we commit to trust and transparency. We maintain clear communication, keeping our clients fully informed and engaged throughout the design process.

Client-Centric Approach:

  • Vision Integration: We integrate our client's visions and goals into our solutions. This ensures they align with their strategic objectives, creating designs that truly resonate with their needs.

Flexibility in Design:

  • Adaptive Strategies: Our approach is flexible, adapting to the dynamic needs of each project. This agility allows us to respond effectively to changing requirements and technical challenges.

Utilizing Altium Designer’s Capabilities

Schematic Capture:

  • Our team expertly leverages Altium's robust schematic editor for detailed and precise circuit representation. This ensures a clear, accurate translation from concept to detailed design.

Advanced Board Layout Tools:

  • Our team skillfully utilizes Altium's advanced PCB editor tools for precise and strategic component placement. We position each part carefully to ensure a functional, reliable, and efficient design.

High-Speed & High-Density Design:

  • Utilizing Altium's powerful strengths, we confidently handle complex high-speed and high-density design projects. We focus on delivering both top performance and unwavering reliability.

Unified Library Management:

  • Altium's efficient library management ensures our designers access current and fully compatible components, thereby improving and streamlining design workflows.
Screenshot of Altium Designer software interface displaying a complex PCB design. The image shows a detailed view of a multi-layered printed circuit board layout with various electronic components, tracks, and vias.

Altium Design Case Study - Paragon Medical


Use Altium's PCB design software to create an advanced circuit board for Paragon Medical's innovative device. This device will monitor patients, providing instant data and analyzing it using artificial intelligence.

Key Challenges

  1. Small-Scale Precision: Designing a compact device with a densely populated PCB without compromising signal quality.
  2. Signal Integrity: Ensuring high-speed data transfer (up to 5 Gbps) while maintaining clear signals.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to the stringent ISO 13485 medical standards with full documentation and traceability.
  4. Iterative Prototyping:  We maintained multiple design revisions within the project timeline.
3D render of a green printed circuit board (PCB) designed by 911EDA for Paragon Medical, featuring a variety of electronic components such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, a transformer, and connectors.

Solutions Provided

Design and Technical Excellence:

  • Compact Design Expertise: Utilized Altium's advanced tools, precision routing, and multi-layered PCB designs.
  • Signal Integrity Assurance: Employed Altium's Impedance Calculator, differential pairing, and strategic shielding for impeccable signal quality.
  • Regulatory Excellence: Continuous coordination with regulatory bodies, comprehensive traceability, and Altium's documentation tools ensured ISO 13485 compliance.
  • Thermal Management: Incorporated heat mapping, thermal vias, and high-conductivity materials for efficient heat control.

Operational and Quality Assurance:

  • Component Management: Vetted components for performance, utilized Altium's dynamic library, and conducted regular inventory checks.
  • Iterative Design and Prototyping: Managed multiple design data revisions seamlessly, ensuring timely delivery and consistent quality across iterations.
  • Cost-Effective Design: Balanced functionality with cost, prioritizing critical functionalities and regular budget reviews.
  • Testing and Validation:  Used Altium's circuit simulation tools for thorough testing. Functional and stress tests followed, meeting and surpassing industry standards.

Visual Analysis

Close-up view of an initial PCB layout with highlighted areas indicating component crowding and intertwined pathways, representing potential signal interference zones as detailed in Diagram A.

Diagram A: Initial PCB layout showing challenges like component crowding and potential signal interference zones.

Technician in gloves holding a detailed, compact PCB board, showcasing the initial design and component placements as represented in Diagram B, before the testing phase.

Diagram B: First iteration of the PCB prior to testing.

Project Outcomes

  • Achieved PCB design with incredible accuracy, supporting data rates up to 5 Gbps.
  • Ensured full adherence to ISO 13485 standards, building confidence in Paragon Medical.
  • Managed to stay within budget despite intricate challenges.
  • Delivered thermal robustness, guaranteeing device longevity.
  • Seamlessly managed components, overcoming supply chain obstacles.

What Our Clients Say

Having collaborated with multiple design firms over the years, I must say 911EDA's proficiency with Altium stands out. Their approach to PCB design—balancing functionality, layout efficiency, and manufacturability—has been instrumental for our project's success.

Sarah L.Sarah L.Lead Engineer, Tech Innovations

In my experience, the quality of a PCB design correlates directly with the designer's familiarity with the software toolset. 911EDA's deep understanding of Altium's capabilities ensured that our board met stringent performance criteria while adhering to tight schedules.

Mike D.Mike D.Hardware Manager

Engaging with 911EDA for our recent PCB initiative was a strategic move. Their prowess with Altium not only facilitated a robust design but also streamlined our validation processes. Their insights into Altium's advanced features proved invaluable.

Anita R.Anita R.SVP, Engineering, MedTech Solutions

The intricacies of modern PCB design demand both a strategic mindset and adept tool mastery. With 911EDA's Altium expertise, we managed to navigate the complexities of our project, ensuring optimal layer stacks, trace routing, and EMC compliance.

Alex P.Alex P.Engineering Manager, AeroDynamics Inc.

911EDA's work is a testament to the potent combination of in-depth engineering knowledge and adept utilization of Altium's suite. Their design strategies, especially in signal integrity and thermal management, were both innovative and grounded in solid engineering principles.

Liam T.Liam T.HW Engineer, NextGen Robotics
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