A red and blue PCB being designed using Altium designer.


Altium PCB Design Services

911EDA provides Altium Designer PCB layout and PCB design services.  911EDA is an Official Altium PCB Design Firm.

Altium PCB Layout Official


For customers without an Altium Designer license, you can download a free Altium viewer so you can easily follow the progress of your project.

Altium Designer is productivity focused electronics design software for professionals, incorporating unified stress-free schematic and Printed Circuit Board CAD functions with design verification, validation and formal release and reuse capabilities. Altium Designer is used by PCB designers and engineers to create new electronic gadgets for entertainment, industry, defence, and the well-being of people and society.

Altium Designer is powerful and flexible, making it much easier to do highly constrained PCB designs faster. By keeping the schematic and PCB in sync, all design domains share a common interface increasing usability and reducing effort. Collaboration beyond PCB layout is essential in today’s engineering teams: Native 3D, importers, formal validation and PCB release process will give you big efficiency gains.

Capture and Re-Use Design Content Without Headaches

Don't redesign components and sub-circuits each time a new project gets underway.

Using Altium Designer’s advanced data management capabilities means it’s a matter of course that every design element is captured and version controlled. You can finally have an organized system of components, reuse blocks, and data that makes it easy to design things once and for all the right way.

High-Productivity PCB Design Workflow

Stop getting stuck, and start getting designs finished on time.

The demands on modern products to be compact, ergonomic, user friendly and elegant in turn demand a true 3D design environment. Why waste time making paper dolls or translating files between PCB and MCAD packages? Design it all to fit up front, right from within the PCB editor, including rigid and flexible electronics.

Take Care of Costs Throughout the Design Process

Supplier Search and Part Choices make the decision of which parts to use in the design based on price and availability a cinch. With the addition of Octopart™ search, even obscure components for high-value products can be found and purchased direct from the BOM.

Collaborate Smoothly

 Output precise, interoperable data sets for Fabrication, Assembly, Procurement and Mechanical co-design. Generate link-rich PDF documentation, and perform design reviews with real time cross-domain probing, web, and data sheet links.