A red and blue PCB being designed using Altium designer.

Altium PCB Design Services

  • 911EDA has been the premier provider of Altium PCB design services in the U.S. since 2000. Our team of Altium experts can support your product development needs. We have experience in a wide variety of technologies and products. Call us today at (800) 320-2480 or Get a Free Online Quote.

Altium PCB Layout Official

For customers without an Altium Designer license, you can download a free Altium viewer so you can easily follow the progress of your project.

Altium Designer is a productivity focused computer aided design software for engineers and designers, including schematic capture and editing and PCB design capabilities.

Altium Designer is a robust tool, allowing engineers and designers to complete tightly constrained PCB designs quickly. The schematic and PCB files are kept in sync in real-time and share a common collaborative environment increasing usability and reducing effort. Features that go beyond simple PCB design are essential as PCBs become increasingly complex on smaller footprints, such as 3D viewers, importers for other tools, and formal validation and PCB release process capabilities.

Capture and Re-Use Design Content for Increased Efficiency

Re-designing component footprints and sub-circuits every time a new project starts just adds wasted time and effort. Altium's advanced data management systems ensures each design element is captured and labeled. This allows engineers and designers to reuse previously build component footprints, re-use sub-circuit blocks, and other data to increase efficiency and accuracy.

High-Productivity PCB Design Workflow

Software capabilities must keep up with increasing design complexities and tighter timelines.

Demand for new products require PCB designs to accommodate smaller packages, user friendly interfaces, and exquisite. A true 3D viewer is critical to ensure each design meets the rigorous requirements. Altium's integrated 3D viewer eliminates the need to translate between PCB and MCAD tools, allowing the user to work in one combined environment.

Manage Costs Within the Design Process.

Altium’s Supplier Search and Part Choices features provide component pricing and availability in real-time during the design process. Octopart search capabilities provides an interface to find even the most obscure components and purchase them directly from the bill of materials.

Other Design Tools

911EDA can also provide PCB design services using Pads and Allegro software.  We can also translate designs and clean them up.