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At 911EDA, we lead PCB design services as your trusted partner, with solid expertise in Cadence Allegro software. Our unique approach, characterized by a relentless commitment to excellence, sets us apart in the industry. We don't just meet expectations; we're dedicated to crafting specialized solutions that elevate your PCB design experience.

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Experience Excellence with 911EDA

  • Seasoned Designers: Our team comprises expert designers, each with a deep specialization in Allegro PCB layout. Our designers ensure precision and expert optimization in every project, placing each component for maximum functionality and efficiency.
  • Expertise Across Versions: We possess comprehensive expertise across all Allegro versions, assuring you of accurate and efficient design execution. Our streamlined process guarantees quality and accelerates your product's journey to the market.
  • Design Visions Realized: Entrust us with your design concepts, and we'll transform them into reality with meticulous precision. Our team skillfully handles trace widths, return paths, and differential pairs, prioritizing optimal signal integrity for superior performance.
  • Direct Contact for Support: For unparalleled design support, we encourage direct communication. Contact us at (800) 320-2480 for any queries or assistance you require.
  • Effortless Online Quote: Begin your PCB design project effortlessly with a free online quote. Start your journey with us without hassle, and experience our commitment to your success.


Experience the distinct difference with 911EDA’s Allegro PCB design services.

Why Choose 911EDA for Allegro PCB Design Services?

911EDA is your trusted partner for Allegro PCB design services. We excel in delivering top-quality PCB layouts using Cadence Allegro PCB Design software. Our precision, expertise, and efficiency make us the preferred choice for clients seeking high-quality PCB design.

Unmatched Design Quality and Expertise:

  • Superior PCB Layouts: Leveraging Cadence Allegro PCB Design software for top-quality results.
  • Skilled Team: Years of experience in complex PCB designs across all Allegro versions.

Efficient and Precise Design:

  • Realizing your design visions with unmatched precision.
  • Adhering to strict design rules for robust, compliant PCB layouts.

Direct and Personalized Support:

  • Direct access to our experts.
  • Hassle-free, complimentary online quotes.

Advanced Techniques and Software Mastery:

  • Cutting-edge technology and deep Allegro expertise.

Scalable and Customized Solutions:

  • Services for all project sizes and complexities.
  • Tailored, cost-effective, and user-friendly designs.

Comprehensive and Continuous Support:

  • End-to-end expertise from concept to manufacturing.
  • Continuous innovation in PCB design.

Experience the 911EDA Advantage in Allegro PCB Design Services.

Excellence in PCB Placement and Routing with Allegro at 911EDA

Adapting to Technological Advancements:

  • We keep your PCB designs technologically advanced by using advanced trace routing techniques in Allegro.

Precision and Efficiency:

  • Our Allegro expertise delivers precise designs efficiently, ensuring speedy project completion without compromising quality.

Deep Cadence Allegro Knowledge:

  • Benefit from our extensive understanding of Cadence Allegro PCB Design software.
  • We skillfully use its constraint manager and design rule check (DRC) features for quality assurance.

Scalable Solutions:

  • Our services accommodate projects of all complexities.
  • Tailored solutions meet diverse needs and challenges.

Constraint-Driven Design:

    • Our commitment to constraint-driven design ensures rule-compliant PCB layouts.
    • Real-time feedback for continuous improvement.
Schematic representation of circuit connections between components J33 and J31, illustrating 911EDA's expertise in Cadence Allegro® PCB design
Detailed view of a PCB layout in Cadence software showcasing intricate circuit traces, components, and advanced design features, exemplifying the advanced offerings available in Cadence Allegro®.

Versatile Options:

  • For less complex projects, we utilize OrCAD PCB Designer, a concise yet powerful alternative to Allegro, ensuring cost-effectiveness and quality.

Solving Complex Challenges:

  • We leverage Allegro's robust features to address challenges in power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) constrained boards.

Skilled Design Team:

  • Our designers adeptly handle complex design challenges, ensuring high performance, reliability, and precision in trace routing and power plane integration.

End-to-End Expertise:

  • From project inception to manufacturing, 911EDA provides comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth and efficient design process.

Cutting-Edge PCB Design: Leveraging Allegro's Advanced Capabilities at 911EDA

Comprehensive Toolset:

  • Allegro PCB Editor is more than a tool—it's a complete suite that streamlines the entire design process, enhancing efficiency and precision.

Integrated RF Design Capabilities:

  • Allegro seamlessly integrates RF design capabilities for optimal functionality in complex projects.

Efficient Design Solutions:

  • Smart design partitioning within Allegro simplifies the design process, reducing complexities effectively.

Streamlined Manufacturing Planning:

  • Allegro's proactive planning capabilities shorten the journey from concept to market, enhancing project timelines.

    Staying Ahead with Innovation:

        • We continuously update our practices with the latest PCB design trends and technologies, ensuring your projects benefit from cutting-edge circuit design and signal integrity.

A computer screen displaying a complex PCB layout in Cadence Allegro Design software, with multiple colored traces and circuits indicative of an intricate electronic design process.
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