a screenshot of a pcb being designed using Cadence Allegro software


Allegro PCB Design

One of the PCB layout and PCB design software packages 911EDA supports is Allegro.  Allegro is a powerful tool requiring designers with significant experience and expertise to properly utilize it to its fullest capabilities.

PCB Layout and Routing

With shrinking design cycles and a growing number of nets with constraints, it goes without saying that you need PCB design methodologies that increase predictability and accelerate design turnaround. 

Cadence® Allegro PCB layout and routing technology offers a scalable, easy-to-use, constraint-driven PCB design solution for simple to complex PCBs, including those with RF etch components. It also includes innovative new auto-interactive technologies that efficiently and quickly accelerate routing of highly constrained high-speed interfaces. Cadence PCB design tools streamline the process for ECAD-MCAD collaboration using industry-standard EDMD (IDX) schema and design data hand-off to manufacturing through modern, industry-standard IPC-2581. 

Auto-interactive routing technology

This new set of auto-interactive technologies combines the intuition of the layout designer with the power and intelligence of the route engine that automates the process. Auto-interactive technologies can be applied to enhance all three phases of routing– planning, routing, and tuning/optimization. 
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Full support for IPC-2581

Cadence supports IPC-2581 as an open, neutrally maintained global standard to encourage innovation, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Cadence commits to developing and maintaining IPC-2581 export from its Allegro PCB design software and staying current with the latest approved and published IPC-2581 specification. 
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Allegro PCB Designer

Speeds designs from placement and routing through to manufacturing with powerful features such as design partitioning, RF design capabilities, and interconnect design planning Production-proven to increase productivity and help engineers quickly ramp up to volume production.

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 Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer

Offers a proven, scalable, easy-to-use PCB editing and routing solution. Delivers a comprehensive feature set and seamless PCB design environment to take designs from concept to production.

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