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911EDA's Policy on Constructive Feedback


At 911EDA, we deeply value the input and perspectives of our partners, clients, and the general public. We believe that feedback not only provides us an opportunity to improve continually but also solidifies our commitment to building a culture of transparency, accountability, and excellence. The purpose of this Actionable Feedback Policy is to outline how our leadership systematically collects, analyze, and respond to feedback, ensuring an open channel of communication with all stakeholders.

1. Feedback Collection:

  • Channels: We provide multiple channels for stakeholders to share feedback, including but not limited to online forms, email, face-to-face meetings with our leadership, and social media platforms.

  • Inclusivity: We ensure that our feedback collection methods are inclusive and accessible to people with different abilities and needs.

  • Regular Surveys: Periodically, we conduct surveys targeting different stakeholders to collect structured feedback about our services, performance, and overall impact.

2. Responding to Feedback:

  • Acknowledgment: All feedback received will be acknowledged within 72 hours, ensuring that the individuals know their voices are being heard.

  • Analysis & Categorization: Feedback is analyzed and categorized based on its nature and urgency. This helps us prioritize actions and allocate resources effectively.

  • Action: Depending on the nature of the feedback, appropriate departments or teams will be tasked with addressing it. Whether it's a service improvement or a communication clarification, necessary actions will be taken promptly.

  • Feedback Loop: Post-action, we aim to close the feedback loop by informing the individual about the steps taken in response to their feedback.

3. Engaging with the Public:

  • Open Forums: 911EDA organizes regular open forums and webinars inviting the public to discuss our services, innovations, and future plans.

  • Collaborative Initiatives: We collaborate with community leaders, organizations, and other stakeholders to co-create solutions and to better serve our community.

  • Feedback Champions: We have designated personnel, known as Feedback Champions, in different departments who are responsible for fostering a culture of feedback within their teams and acting as liaisons with the public.

4. Transparency:

  • Transparency Reports: Periodically, we publish transparency reports that provide insights into our operations, financials, and feedback received. This is our commitment to being accountable to our stakeholders.

  • Open Data: Wherever possible and without compromising privacy, we share data with the public to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Privacy & Confidentiality: While we are committed to transparency, we also deeply respect the privacy of our stakeholders. Personal data will always be protected, and confidential feedback will be handled with the utmost care.


Feedback drives 911EDA. We view it as a gift that helps us grow, innovate, and serve better. Through this Actionable Feedback Policy, we aim to ensure that every voice is heard, valued, and acted upon. Together, with the support and insights of our community, we aim to reach new heights of excellence and impact.

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