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Jeff Brayshaw
Engineering Manager
(800) 320-2480 x104
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Jeff Brayshaw oversees and manages all engineering projects, from quoting to design specification development and PCB design. He leads his team of engineers, managing their time and efforts, and manages all engineering projects and customer communication. Jeff is a Hardware Engineer and Project Manager focusing on digital, analog, and RF systems. He typically performs digital and FPGA design tasks and project management functions.

Jeff has a BSEE from Ohio State University and began his career at Hughes Aircraft Company in 1994, developing circuits for processing signals from radar and image sensors.

In 1986 he was awarded an Engineering Fellowship from Hughes for graduate study at USC and received his MSEE in 1988 with a specialty in digital signal processing and digital communications. He moved on to work for several start-up companies in both a development and management role, focusing on leading-edge products in the wireless, multimedia, test instrument, and sensor space before partnering with 911EDA in 2003 to help with their expansion into Engineering Services.

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