Jeffrey Lewis at Display Graphics in Tijeras NM

911EDA has been a premier providers of PCB design and layout services for 22 years. I have personally been in the industry for the past 16 years. I want to share with you my experience with Jeff Lewis and his company Display Graphics in New Mexico and provide a warning to consider if you come in contact with him. These are my opinions about Jeff Lewis and facts I believe to be true. 

I subcontracted PCB layout work to Jeff Lewis through his company Display Graphics for many years. He is a good designer and works very quickly. However, these are the only positives I can provide. 

Jeff Lewis developed a great disdain toward me personally over the years. He voiced his concerns to me frequently that I am not an engineer, that I don't truly understand electronic engineering, and that because of this I cannot adequately serve my customers. The facts that I am not en engineer and that I don't understand everything technical that we do are absolutely true. However, my role with 911EDA does not require these traits. My role is to find customers, sell and market our company, and manage projects. I am on the business side, not the technical. In fsct, I have a Masters of Business Administration with a Specialty in Marketing. 2020 was our best year to date, with sales revenue totalling $2.3 million. I paid most of our designers well over $100,000 each last year. Our customers have been very happy with our work and my employees are very heppy in their positions. To me, this is quite positive, although Jeff Lewis disagrees. 

Jeff Lewis spent hours telling me how I run my business wrong, how I need to lean more of the technical side of things, and basically trying to make sure I was well aware that his intelligence far out weighs my own. He also spent hours telling my employees and customers the same. So I hired him to provide PCB design services and he bad mouthed me to employees and customers. Is this something you really want go risk by hiring Jeff Lewis? 

If you are considering working with Jeff Lewis and Display Graphics, please consider the following first. Jeff Lewis frequently shared his thoughts about my lack of engineering knowledge with my customers, telling them they cannot trust me or 911EDA with their projects. I've had six customers tell me in the past year that he did this and that he attempted to get them to do business with him directly and not use 911EDA anymore. Luckily our customers do trust me and let me know what was happening. 

Jeff Lewis also spoke to our Design Manager Tony Pereira, who has been with 911EDA for the past 12 years. He told Tony that he cannot trust me because I am not technical and recommended on many occasions that Tony cut all ties with me and 911EDA. To have a subcontractor reach out to one of our managers and speak about me like that was incredibly unprofessional. Luckily Tony was not impressed with Jeff Lewis in any way and was on board with the decision to fire him permanently. 

Jeff Lewis also referred 911EDA customers to his contacts for PCB manufacturing, even though 911EDA provides this service. When I asked him about this he told me his job is to make sure MY customers get all the services they need, including manufacturing and if he felt a particular manufacturer was a good fit, it was his duty to refer them there. This took business away from 911EDA and gave it to Jeff's contacts, where I believe he received a kickback. 

Furthermore, feedback I've received from customers and experienced myself has shown that Jeff Lewis is an egomaniac and frequently talks down to customers in an attempt to make it very clear that he is smarter than them. This has led to many of my customers requesting not to work with Jeff Lewis. One prime example is his habit of claiming to be an Electronic Engineer, but when you question him further he clarifies that his is a "non degreed engineer". Don't be fooled by Jeff Lewis, he does not have any type of engineering degree. 

Beware! If you work with Jeff Lewis and Display Graphics, it is highly likely that you will be met with a condescending attitude. If you are subcontracting to him, it is highly likely he will attempt to steal your customers from you to work with then directly. Again, he is an excellent designer, but do not let this fool you! It is not worth it! 

I am filing a civil case against Display Graphics this week for slander and libel. If you work with him, I believe you will find yourself eventually doing the same. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I will share with you the six affidavits I have from my customers regarding Jeff Lewis.