Quality Policy at 911EDA

Quality Control

The Quality Policy of 911EDA, Inc. supports our Mission Statement:

"Promote a 'Quality in All We Do' philosophy with a total company effort and commitment to continuous improvement".

911EDA, Inc. provides the following services for the purpose of supporting our customers’ needs:

- Electronic engineering services
- PCB design services
- PCB consulting services

911EDA, Inc. is committed to quality, on-time delivery, and cost effectiveness, and will:

- Support the company’s policy to continuously improve our products, services, and operations so that we constantly offer customers superior value
- Meet all defined requirements, including those defined by our customers, statutory and regulatory requirements, industry associations, etc. Our management is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
- Communicate our quality policy to all employees within our organization and takes appropriate steps to ensure it is understood by everyone.
- Review the quality policy every three months for continuing suitability.

Top management shall ensure that the quality policy:

- Is appropriate to the purpose of the organization.
- Includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
- Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
- Is communicated and understood within the organization.
- Is reviewed for continuing suitability.

Download our Quality Policy

911EDA, Inc. Quality policy.pdf
911EDA, Inc. Quality Assurance Manual.pdf
911EDA, Inc. Business Continuity Plan.pdf

Why is it necessary to have a Quality Policy?

The quality policy serves and important role in the function of your QMS and, therefore, your overall business. It provides the highest-level objective for your system’s function, providing direction for each action and decision by all members of your team. When the Quality Policy is thoughtfully and intentionally created and circulated, it has the ability to affect the full culture of your business, aligning each member of your team to the common goal. It isn’t just important – it’s a crucial component of the success of your QMS.