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PCB Design Services

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Expertise in Leading Software: We specialize in expert PCB design services using Altium, Allegro, and PADs software packages. 

Certified Excellence: Our designers are all at least CID+ certified, ensuring you receive top-tier precision and quality in every project.

Adaptive & Responsive: As technology evolves, so do our methods. We stay updated with the latest PCB design trends, ensuring effective solutions for our clients.

Two Decades Strong: Trusted for over 20 years, 911EDA consistently delivers unparalleled PCB design solutions.

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Electronic engineering in progress

Comprehensive Expertise: We offer comprehensive engineering services, tackling every project with precision, ensuring tailored solutions for each client.

State-of-the-Art Techniques: Leveraging the latest methodologies and tools, we ensure our clients achieve optimum electronic design efficiency and performance. We provide results that meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

Legacy of Excellence: With a reputation built since 2000, 911EDA is recognized for consistently elevating standards in electronic engineering. Our track record speaks to our dedication and consistent delivery of quality.

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PCB Consulting

PCB consulting at 911EDA

Expert Design Review: If you have concerns about your design or manufacturing challenges, our engineers can promptly review and identify problems. We can either advise on remedies or implement the changes for you.

Design for Success: Prioritize Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testability (DFT) during your PCB design process.  With our expertise, avoid common setbacks and accelerate your product's time-to-market.

Signal Integrity (SI) Verification: Our services range from simulating a multi-board system to specific nets, ensuring your design remains optimized.

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PCB Fabrication and Assembly

Component Procurement: We handle component sourcing from reliable suppliers, ensuring quality and timely delivery.

Fabrication: Our advanced equipment and protocols ensure PCBs are produced to exact specifications.

Assembly: With a focus on precision, our team manages both surface mount and through-hole assembly techniques, ensuring every component is accurately placed and affixed.

Complete Solution: 911EDA offers a streamlined PCB manufacturing process, from initial component procurement through to final assembly.

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Why Choose 911EDA for Complete Electronic Product Development Services?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From inception to completion, we handle every facet of electronic product development.

    • Front-End Engineering: Setting the foundation right.
    • PCB Design: Precision-driven layouts by experts.
    • Engineer-Supported Design: Enhance design quality with our engineers' insights.
    • Consulting Services: Expert advice on PCB design and engineering.
    • End-to-End Manufacturing: Including component procurement, precise fabrication, and meticulous assembly.
  • Flexibility Tailored to You: Whether you need the entire suite of our services or just specific elements, 911EDA is equipped and ready to cater to your exact needs. Choose what fits best for your project.

Our Clients Praise Us for Great Results

Working with 911EDA on our complex PCB design was an absolute game-changer. Their meticulous attention to detail and deep expertise in electronic PCB engineering ensured that our project's critical components were optimized for performance. "From initial concept to final layout, their collaborative approach and commitment to innovation delivered outstanding results."

Nina SimonsNina SimonsE.E. Manager

"Partnering with 911EDA for PCB manufacturing was a seamless experience from start to finish. The flawless execution of the manufacturing process, including component sourcing and assembly, showcased their commitment to quality. The final product not only met our specifications but also demonstrated their dedication to producing reliable and high-performance PCBs."

Derek LaceyDerek LaceyHardware Manager

"911EDA's PCB design services exceeded our expectations in every way. Our project required intricate routing to maintain signal integrity, and their engineers tackled it with precision. Their ability to balance functionality with manufacturability not only saved us time but also reduced production costs. The seamless integration of their design with our electronics was a testament to their thorough understanding of electronic PCB engineering."

Melissa ReyesMelissa ReyesDirector of Hardware Engineering

"911EDA's electronic PCB engineering services transformed our initial concept into a practical and optimized design. Their team's ability to identify potential design challenges early on and provide innovative solutions streamlined our development timeline. Their collaborative approach and open communication made the entire process efficient and effective."

Jordan SmartJordan SmartM.S.E.E.

"The professionalism and competence displayed by 911EDA's electronic PCB engineering team were outstanding. Their thorough grasp of industry standards and best practices were evident in every aspect of our project. From initial schematics to the final layout, their attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality designs were truly commendable."

Scott ThomasScott ThomasHardware Engineer

"From design conception to final product, 911EDA's PCB manufacturing services showcased their dedication to precision and performance. Their attention to sourcing components from reputable suppliers ensured the integrity of our PCB. The end result was a fully functional and reliable circuit board that seamlessly integrated into our larger electronic system."

Keith RiffeeKeith RiffeeEngineering Director
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