Technic’s Non-Cyanide Gold Process Eliminates Discoloration of White Solder Mas

Author: 911EDA News Desk
Aug 21, 2015

Techni IM Gold AT8000, Technic’s new non-cyanide gold process released earlier this year, eliminates discoloration of white solder mask when using ENIG as a final finish.

Technic has conducted extensive research to determine and eliminate the cause of discoloration of white solder mask which occurs during ENIG processing. It has been established that this discoloration is directly related to the chemistry of the immersion gold processes commonly used for these applications. Materials in these processes react with the titanium dioxide in the solder mask pigmentation and produce the red or pink discoloration after SMT reflow.

Techni IM Gold AT8000 eliminates the compounds found in the typical cyanide based immersion gold processes which react with the titanium dioxide to produce this discoloration, thereby preserving a bright white solder mask after SMT reflow.

 PCB Manufacturing

“With a marked increase in the number of LED applications requiring white solder mask, it is critical that a high level of reflectivity be achieved under a variety of conditions. Techni IM Gold AT8000 has performed exceptionally well in being able to address the white solder mask discoloration issue. Technic remains dedicated to the ongoing research required to solve industry issues and deliver the highest performing products,” said Eric Stafstrom - Global Product Manager.

About Technic

Technic Inc. is a Rhode Island based, privately held corporation with over 900 employees worldwide. For 70 years, Technic has been a global supplier of specialty chemicals, custom finishing equipment, engineered powders, and analytical control systems to the electronic component, printed circuit board, semiconductor, industrial finishing and decorative industries. Technic is also a major supplier of engineered metal powders to the solar industry.

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