PADS Webinar: Simulate and Optimize Analog, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design

Author: 911EDA News Desk
Jul 28, 2016

Taking a product design from concept to creation can be a complicated process of decisions and tradeoffs. Attention to every detail is required, particularly for the analog, mixed-signal portions of your design.

This webinar will introduce designers to the PADS AMS Design Suite, a complete design capture solution and analog, mixed-signal (AMS) virtual prototyping environment. With this suite, you will be able to create electronic product designs faster and easier while ensuring design intent, performance, and reliability.

What Attendees Will Learn

-  Types of circuit simulation and analysis for behavioral verification, scenario exploration, and component optimization

-  The power and flexibility of VHDL-AMS and SPICE-based simulation and modeling to accurately represent both a circuit’s electronic and electromechanical elements

-  How to balance component costs with tight tolerances against their impact on circuit and manufacturing performance

-  How to use a waveform analysis tool and expression calculator for in-depth analysis, measurement, and transformation of simulation data

-  The use of the PADS AMS Design Suite for design, simulation, and analysis of analog, mixed-signal (AMS) circuits

About the Presenter

Josh Moore is a business development and product manager for Mentor Graphics specializing in new business development. He is responsible for strategic partnerships to establish and develop new market opportunities as well as product management for the PADS circuit simulation solutions.

To view this on-demand webinar, click here.

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