CadSoft Eagle PCB Design Software Spreads Its Wings

Author: 911EDA News Desk
Sep 2, 2015

Premier Farnell is recognising the growing commercial importance of the maker/hobbyist designer market through its CadSoft software business.

CadSoft has revamped the licence options for its Eagle PCB design tool which clearly differentiates between the products used by amateur makers and those maker designers creating commercial products.

Online distributors now see major commercial opportunities in that part of maker market which crosses over into commercial businesses.

The growth of crowd-funding websites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo allows makers to more easily commercialise their designs and to create a business selling products.

CadSoft has created two different license types: ‘Eagle Make Personal’ (previously Eagle Hobbyist), and the new ‘Eagle Make Pro’.

The two licences have different terms of use which are non-commercial and commercial. There are also difference is the size of board which can be designed.

The Pro tool provides a lower cost tool with full functionality for commercial use.

CadSoft still sells a version of Eagle for commercial customers and an educational version.

Robin Colman, general manager at CadSoft , writes:

“It is our belief that there is an increasing demand for a product which supports engineers getting started with PCB design at a professional or personal level.”

Both Digi-Key and Mouser have also addressed the maker “crossover” market with versions of existing professional design tools which sell at a lower entry-level price.

Digi-Key sells a range of professional-level Mentor Graphics EDA/CAD tools. The two companies have been collaborating for the last year to make professional-level EDA software at lower cost.

Premium versions of both the Designer Schematic and Designer Layout tools are also available, featuring unlimited connections.

Premium versions of the Designer Schematic and Designer Layout products are available exclusively from Digi-Key at special 90-day discounted price points of $349 and $599, respectively.

Mouser sells the MultiSIM BLUE free PCB design tool, developed by National Instruments.

The NI MultiSim Component Evaluator Mouser edition uses the Berkeley SPICE simulation engine and includes a preloaded component library from the distributor’s linecard.

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