Altium to Show Upcoming PDN Analysis Solution at Embedded World 2016

Author: 911EDA News Desk
Mar 3, 2016

Altium is scheduled to show a pre-release BETA of a new PDN analysis solution at Embedded World 2016 for their flagship PCB design platform, Altium Designer. The PDN Analyzer extension will allow engineers to easily resolve Power Distribution Network (PDN) issues as they arise in a board layout process without having to rely on physical prototypes to identify voltage and current issues. Altium will be in attendance at Embedded World 2016 at booth 4-260 to showcase this upcoming PDN analysis technology along with several other offerings including a new circuit testing solution and the intelligent parts management platform from Ciiva. Engineers interested in trying out the PDN Analyzer powered by CST® can register now for BETA access.

"While design complexity continues to increase every year, most engineers are still forced to rely solely on conservative design guidelines." said Jeff Loyer, Signal and Power Integrity Product Manager, Altium. "The PDN Analyzer instead allows PCB engineers to easily apply a sophisticated simulation engine to their design, getting in design feedback without having to rely on, or wait for, simulation specialists."

PDN Analysis for the PCB Specialist

Rather than treating PDN issues as a post-design afterthought in a physical prototype, the PDN Analyzer will allow engineers to accurately identify and resolve voltage and current issues in a PCB as part of a board layout process. This extension includes: 

-  In Design PDN analysis designed specifically for the PCB specialist. Engineers will easily analyze voltage on their board layouts in Native 3D and see results in their design without ever interrupting their existing workflow.

-  A unified design and simulation workflow. Engineers will quickly switch between a board layout process and PDN analysis in the same interface with the Altium Designer Unified workflow.

-  Powerful analysis technology from the CST® simulation experts. Engineers will leverage over 30 years of simulation technology from the experts at CST® to quickly resolve PDN issues without relying on physical prototypes.

All of the powerful analysis technology that will be in the PDN Analyzer will be easily accessible to PCB designers of any experience level with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With analysis results displayed visually, electronic designers can easily understand what changes need to be made to a board layout without having to decipher complex waveforms and spreadsheet data.

New Circuit Testing Solution from XJTAG

Altium will also be showcasing a new circuit testing solution from XJTAG at Embedded World 2016. This extension will be free for all existing Altium Subscription customers, and will allow an engineer to easily set up and run tests on circuitry to identify short-circuit and open-circuit faults on a PCB at design time. Availability details for this free extension will be announced in the coming months.

Intelligent Parts Management from Ciiva

Ciiva, an Altium brand, will also be in attendance at Embedded World 2016 to show off their intelligent parts management platform, including:

-  Smart Parts Search that allows an engineer to make the most informed part selections with access to historical lifecycle data, real-time pricing and availability data, and verified alternatives for millions of components in the Ciiva parts database.

-  Smart Parts Analysis that allows an engineer to streamline their supply chain sourcing with advanced BOM validation technology that analyses every part in a design to confirm correct part numbers, availability, and pricing.

-  Smart Parts Management that allows an engineer to automate daily parts management tasks with advanced technology that automatically completes parametric data on components and keeps libraries organized and updated.

Engineers interested in trying out the intelligent parts management platform from Ciiva can register now for a free trial.

"As engineers we go to enormous lengths to ensure a successful PCB fabrication process, but we often don't apply the same rigorous standards to our parts," said Jason Hingston, CTO. "Ciiva SmartParts brings a new level of visibility to part selection, validation, and management that naturally lends itself to accurate part libraries, efficient part reuse, and ultimately a manufacturable BOM."

Availability Details and Embedded World 2016 Details

Those in attendance at Embedded World 2016 can see all of the new PDN analysis and circuit testing technology available from Altium at booth 4-260. Ciiva will also be in attendance to show off their intelligent parts management platform at booth 4-507.

Engineers interested in testing the BETA of the new PDN Analyzer powered by CST®, an Altium Designer extension, can register now for BETA access.

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