Altium Designer PCB Layout v16 Released

Author: 911EDA News Desk
Nov 25, 2015

Altium Designer 16 Released

What's new

Altium Designer 16 focuses on features to more enable engineers in getting their designs done faster and error-free with powerful automation and productivity tools: 

Key highlights include: 


3D STEP Model Generation Wizard

Altium Designer 16 brings a new feature that allows you to generate realistic and dynamic 3D STEP models when using the IPC compliant Footprint Wizard. Realistic 3D STEP models will be able to give you an exact representation of your board in real-time intuitive 3D.





Alternate Part Choice System

Altium Designer 16 introduces support for Alternative Parts in the BOM. Building on the existing ability to define alternative parts for multi-source components, you can now select an alternative, functionally equivalent component. As well functional equivalents, you can also split a set of multiple component into smaller groups, useful if you need to select an alternative for a sub-set of components.





Technology-aware xSignals Wizard

The new enhanced xSignals Wizard allows you to create accurate high-speed layouts with ease. You can automatically create xSignal classes and match length rules for DDR3 and DDR4. More advanced high-speed technologies will be added in future updates.






PADS® Logic Export Extension

Altium Designer now includes an extension that allows users to export projects to PADS® Logic 5.0. The PADS Logic Exporter extension makes outputs compatible with PADS® Logic 5.0 which should also be supported by future versions of PADS®. Altium Designer already includes a PADS® Logic Importer that can be enabled.





Net Colour Synchronisation

Highlight multiple nets, differentiate nets with a variety of colours and push highlighting from Schematic to PCB with the additional net highlighting options. In Altium Designer 16 there are new features that allow you to easily and accurately review your designs. 







Enhanced Pin Length Definitions

Accurately and efficiently route your high-speed design layouts with enhanced pin length definitions in the component pin properties. Enhanced calculations for pin lengths include the length of the internal bond wire without requiring time-consuming manual calculations.





Visual Clearance Boundaries

Visual clearance boundaries allow you to see exactly how much clearance is required around each-object in real time. Seeing these boundaries between traces and components visually as you route, allows you to design your most accurate board with ease. 







Component Placement System

Design your board efficiently and at your most organised with the new component placement system in Altium Designer 16. This new feature allows you to place and drag components that push, avoid, and snap to alignment with other objects on the board layout. 







See Altium's What's New to find out more about all the feature highlights and the Release Notes for a complete listing of all the improvements and enhancements.

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