Altium Designer 16.1 Release Coming

Author: 911EDA News Desk
Mar 10, 2016

Altium has announced that in the coming weeks a major software update is going to be released: Altium Designer 16.1. With this release, Altium will implement several new features that will drastically change the way users design:

1.  CIIVA SmartParts: Octopart Component Search on steroids. Now you can intelligently Select, Validate, and Manage your parts data during your entire design process, so you’ll never get your design rejected again.

2.  Draftsman: connects directly to your PCB data, making it easy to create and update your assembly documentation on the fly right within your design work space.

Altium will also be releasing their new PDN Analyzer for power integrity analysis in April

For the month of March Altium promotional offers may be available  for New Software purchases, as well as Certified Training events!

New Licenses 

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Certified Training -

Please contact Altium Sales at if you have any further questions about Altium’s current offers, or the new software release of Altium Designer. 


PDN Analyzer Sneak Preview page

The benefits of using Altium Designer > Automate / Collaborate / Unify


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